The position of Hands as a Part of Nonverbal Signals

Torso Protection Body position in which a person crosses his/her hands and put a thumb toward the air indicates that a person has a strong character that he/she is willing to listen to another person and take another person’s views into account. This attitude indicates that the person is calm and tranquil. Crossed Arms in the case of two people talking and one person feels uncomfortable, it is considered socially unacceptable that one person just gets away from the assailant. In order to achieve the effect of protection, people tend to cross their arms or button up their coat because they feel uncomfortable in the company of such people. Gesture that Indicates Stress if a woman lies her hand on the chest, that has a calming effect and according to the classification, this gesture belongs to the soothing nonverbal gestures. This movement should placate the pulse of the heart and create a sense of well being. In stressful situations, people resort to this tranquil form of behavior.