Nonverbal Signals of Fists and Fingers

Head Leaning on Hands – If a person props his/her hands on the table and puts his head on them, it means that he is ready to seduce the person with whom he is communicating. The person tries to look seductive and mystical. A man should give a woman a compliment if he likes her. This kind of behavior is the usual way of catching attention, so the interlocutor should be careful. Crossed Arms behind the Back when a person crosses hands behind the back, he/she takes the position of leadership. Many doctors, lawyers and people from higher ranks tend taking up such attitude that indicates a person’s dominance. Studies have shown that mothers with the authoritarian style of upbringing often occupy such a position of the body which has a negative impact on the development of the child who longs for the touch. Rubbing hands is a gesture that indicates that a person feels anxious in a certain situation. If the intensity of rubbing hands increases, that means that a person in that situation becomes more uncomfortable and that his/her confidence is on the decline.


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