Interesting Facts about Body Language

Nonverbal communication refers to the part of the interpersonal communication that takes place without the use of words. This term also includes communication between people and animals. Nonverbal communication can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Verbal communication should have nonverbal aspects of communication. Different nations have expressed different gestures through the hands, legs, torso, and face, especially eyes and mouth. The ability to “read” the face is the part of the genetic heritage from the time when language was not yet developed. The widely accepted opinion is that nonverbal communication is best read from the eyes or face. Today it is known that the most honest parts of the body are feet. Feet reveal the most hidden intentions and desires. Hands are part of the body through which one can read emotions the most. On various trips or banquets, if a person caresses our arm or shoulder, that means we suit those people and that everything is all right. If a woman during flirting looks towards interlocutor’s shoes and leans her head often to the side, she wants to create the impression that she is smaller than she is. This behaviour shows that a woman gives a man leadership and that she finds him more dominant than herself. This is a genetically innate behaviour and appears during several minutes of conversation with the interlocutor.


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