Innate Nonverbal Gestures

Chin Touching. The person who touches his/her chin during a conversation feels anxiety and discomfort. Touching the chin falls into the soothing innate nonverbal gestures when we’re trying to calm down or alleviate the feelings of anxiety and tension. Women, instead of touching the chin, often play with the collar in order to achieve the same calming effect. Nose Touching, the person who touches his/her nose is most often hiding something from their interlocutors. It is important to understand the context in which this action takes place because it may be that this is just about the nose leaking, or some other biological intrusion. If this action happens frequently, it may indicate interlocutor’s unclean conscience. Ear Touching, the ear falls into soothing actions. Soothing body movements are actions that have the effect of calming the pulse when you overcome the feeling of restlessness and anxiety. If a person during a conversation starts to touch his ear, he/she is trying to say that he/she has already heard everything that was said, or that he/she disagrees.