“Dr. Fine’s Fine Advice!” 😁

“THE PRESCRIPTION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Dr. Fine’s Fine Advice!” Dec. 14, 2018 (FREYA’s Day!)

I’m workin’-to overcome asthma – and IT IS NO SURPRISE:
With plenty-o’-water-and-sunshine – and lots of exercise,
I’m-losin’ that-ol’-asthma! And I’m TAPPING* also too!
“Positive Affirmations! can-be really good for you!!

I’m-dealing-with-that-hay-fever – the water’s clean and pure,
That’s-my-focus, along-with-sunshine! O.M.G.-it’s-really-The-Cure!
I’m-includin’-good-ol’ exercise!! Some long walks are “the ticket!”
I LOVE – to swim and hit THE BALL: soccer-tennis-and-cricket!
I’m-workin’-to-improve-my-good-ol’-“BOD, to make my lover smile,
I-wanna-be-“fit,” right-to-The Brim! I-can run a country mile!
I’m eatin’ regular meals again – with’-the-water-and-sun-o-shine,
I-ain’t-listenin’-to-no-mo’-pill-doctors! I got me DR. FINE,
Who told me: “J-Jay, get off your arse – and limit-social-me-di-a,
And TV-shows-and-dark, cold corners! Don’t-be-no-bloody-i-di-a(t)!!**
I’m-emptying-my-garbage-(again!) – and I-HAVE-the-PROOF:
That THE REAL PRESCRIPTION for-an-exuberant-life,
Is: Get some fresh air – then “do-it” with your wife,
Until she smiles, and-her-eyes-become-so-bloody-clear,
That she says: “You’re-my-guy, you’re-a-HUNKY-DEAR!”

dr, fin. ❀

Postscriptural poetic-ness:

I’m watchin’ LESS – of “Fox & Friends,” so I’m-losing all this fear,
I’m limiting my criticism – (pause) to-only 2-or-3-outs per week,
I’m-no-longer “up The Creek!” πŸ™‚ – Yay! 4 me! yay! fo’ US! Whoopee-doo!

* –


** – IDIOT! i.e.: People who listen to OTHER people, especially doctors and lawyers – who are not interested in your peace of mind, but prefer us-all to huddle in corners, hide under the covers, and “call ’em in the morning!!” πŸ™‚ – Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh, My!

“Dr. Fine’s Fine Advice!”


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