Wishing you a season of gladness, a season of cheer, and to top it all off – a wonderful New Year. Peace on Earth 🕊

Recipe for Christmas

A dash of joy mixed with a touch of Peace

Add a little magic and stir with hope 

Garnish with love and enjoy Christmas with family and friends 

From all at Kindness- mydaz.blog 2018 
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Christmas time at “Lifeline” is there to support you in case of Domestic Violence. This holiday time doesn’t drink be kind. 

Remember Animals are not Christmas time toys to be dumped at Animal Shelters after Christmas. Be kind 

Blessings 🕊🕊

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Wishing every one Merry Christmas from Australia🕊🕊

Only in Australia😃😁

A conversation occurs at McDonald’s (where else?) between two alien comrades, on the Eve of the destruction of this planet. James Hong, as Mr. Wu, is an alien scout send here undercover many years ago, who speaks with Keanu Reeves, as Klaatu, who is here to destroy existence as we think we know it on this planet because “we” now seemingly possess the means to destroy everything and set off a chain reaction which MIGHT be felt throughout “The Universe!”


Detox Drinks

Raspberry and Mint Scented Water

Serves: 6
2 litres cold spring water, or filtered tap water

2 Tablespoons raspberries, fresh or frozen

2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves

1 lime


To get more flavour and juice out of your lime, microwave for 30 seconds. When cool, slice
Place raspberries, mint, lime and water in a large jug. Stir and serve!

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Hello there you humons😁 be happy 😁

Mystic Poet

Another day in Paradise

Here is a recent work of mine, where I am shown with my brushes, erect – and ready – to “do” one of my favorite models, Mim-met! My brush strokes – are QUITE long, but NOT (particularly) “thick;” however, I am effective with a scintillating “up and down” technique – that can be “a winner” “with-the-ladies!”


“A SEPARATE PIECE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Can’t Help It!” Thursday: Dec. 13, 2018

It’s CRAZY(?) there-are-things – that I will do,
That make me know – I love you true:
Like thinking of you, all day long,
Like – whenever that I sing a song,
I de-di-cate NOT-one, but ALL,
The songs to you; AND, when I “call,”
My cell-u-lar – reaction’s STRONG,
And parts of me, become quite long!
Excitement! Makes me talk a lot,
OR-not-a-word (pause) (But)-I’m-NOT-on-“pot,”
But I have heard – that similar traits,
Are drug-induced! And – ALL OUR DATES,
Are-NOT-planned-out! (pause) but – I don’t care,
‘Cause I am like your Teddy Bear!
When-we-two-hold – YOU RADIATE,
Within-me, (pause) so – I salivate,
And other juices flow as well,
And poetry can cast a spell;
For, when we read some poems together,
You can knock me (out) with a feather,
Since – every love poem – is FOR US,
And, around-you, YES! I tend to cuss,
And SO DO YOU – but, when you swear,
Profanely – it-just makes me care,
That much more – to be with you,
And, we can’t help it! We just s – – – -!
So! Here we are! In love, you see,
In-our se – pa – rate re – al – ity!
You give me peace (piece), beyond compare;
I yearn to-stroke-(you): (a) and-I-love-to-stare; (b) your pussy hair; or (c) I love to stare!

fin ❤

🙂 – Well, now, Sweetie: The LAST THING I remember is: We fell in love THEN! We got married! THEN! We lived happily ever after! (Do you recall any of that?)


“IS THAT OK?” a poem a.k.a.: “That’s Just What Love Does!” Dec. 13, 2018 – Thor!

I JUST NEED – to truly know,
That- EVERYTHING-about-me- is-JUST-SO!
Is just – SO – OK-with-you:
“Am I all-right? and-what-about-what-I-do?
I-just-wanna- be-really-sure, that everything’s OK – BY HER!
‘Cause – I-can’t-believe – that YOU LOVE ME,
‘Cause YOU’RE SO PERFECT, na-tur-lly!
Is That OK? and-will-you-touch-me-THERE?
Is that too “unsightly?” And – about-my-hair:
Is-my-hair-OK? and-do-I-smell-all-right?
Am-I-OK – in-the morning light?
Is THAT – part of me – OK – BY YOU?And-do you still love me – when I do THAT THING?
I can’t-really-help-it; you make me sing!

And – I-don-wanna-do-anything – without you,
Is that TOO MUCH? the-se things I do,
Are all for you – so they-MUST be good,
Please-tell-me! Is there anything else – that, maybe, I could,Do! for-you! for-US! Whatever?!
And – Do-you-still-love-me-NOW?-I hope (that) NEVER,
Will I ever disappoint you BAD,
‘Cause I can’t-bear to-(ever) see-you-SAD! 🙂 – Is that OK? I love you! ❤

fin ❤

Terror on the Caregiver – New Orleans – “E La Ba” To NOLA – The Two-Faced Woman!


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