Draw on the love of Jesus within you, for the times you enter is not what is honest or true. The deepness of what is real is slipping away from most upon this earth dwelling and all who seek truth are taking stronger independent steps to enter into the spirit of our ever loving Savior.
Many signs of betrayal will enter your personal life , let Gods love be your measurement and rise above the lust of the fallen ones who now are coming out to control for they know their time is short. Be a light my beautiful Sisters and Brothers for you are the only path the lost ones can see to give them another chance to bathe in Jesus love.
Now our Savior will give you the inspiration and the wisdom to handle the times that lay before you. I as a messenger I know my worth is only as good as my total belief in the eternal love and his hand guiding me home with you all. Blessings.
Luke Le Bree.