Those whom you love, your good friends who, Make-life-worth-living! 

“KEN WA FU!” a poem a.k.a.: “Balanced Integrity!” Tuesday: Dec. 11, 2018

BALANCE! What-ever-else – you-might-do;
Not-too much red; not-too much blue –
Some-things-OLD; some-things NEW,
And-focus-on-things that-are comfortable-for-you,
Learn from mistakes, and – do not rue,
Apparent errors, for it is true,
We-can-be-(too)-hard-on-ourselves – and, then, we’ll stew,
And – become critical – of OUR little “shrew!”
And – we-all-have-a-shrew, so, here’s a clue:
“LIFE’S-THROUGH-NOT-FROM,” and-we’re-ALL-a-crew,
Of all sorts of folks, trying to get through!
So – CO-OPERATE-in-LOVE – and also “glue,”
Those whom you love, your good friends who,
Cherish-“your-(ol’)-shoe,” the one you kiss, the one you woo!
Plus, take care of your body; remember – to chew!
Follow your HEART, with-its-balanced-hue!
And A-pretty-GOOD PRESCRIPTION: is KEN – WA – FU!*

fin ❤

* – In the wisdom of The Japanese culture, it is said that happiness is found by balancing the blessings of KEN (health), WA (harmony) & FU (prosperity)! IF you find yourself in such a balanced, blessed state, count your blessings & consider yourself VERY LUCKY!


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