Craig Regan could be set free in as little as 4 years and 10 months after he pleaded guilty to bashing a 13 month old baby boy so badly he left him with blind with permanent brain and spinal injuries. Australian News

Craig Regan could be set free in as little as 4 years and 10 months after he pleaded guilty to bashing a 13 month old baby boy so badly he left him with blind with permanent brain and spinal injuries.

The baby boy was rushed to hospital on February 20 2015, with severe internal and head injuries and multiple bruises to his body after he was badly bashed by the then 25-year-old Craig Regan. The child’s mother had left the boy in the care of Mr Regan. Doctors told police the child had been shaken vigorously and punched so badly he had damage to his brain, spinal cord and eyes and had suffered a cardiac arrest.

The innocent baby boy will be permanently blind, may never be toilet trained and will need permanent care for the rest of his life.

Child Abuse Squad detectives charged Mr Regan with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, ongoing supply of prohibited drugs and possess prohibited drug. On Monday he pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Penrith Court, NSW.

This vile scumbag showed absolutely no remorse for the horror he inflicted upon the child. In the courtroom he almost seemed offended that he was being inconvenienced by the police arresting and detaining him. Typical of child beating cowards !

When sentencing Craig the judge took into account the fact he had been targeted and stabbed several times by inmates. Personally I think that comes with the territory and perhaps if he didn’t want to be a target of retribution from inmates, he shouldn’t have beaten a child so badly he is now permanently disabled.

Quite frankly Craig you can cry me a river about being stabbed, how do you suppose the now 5 year old boy, you beat so badly he is blind and still in nappies….how do you suppose he is doing ?
He is our concern, your health means nothing to me.

4 years and 10 months for this horrific crime is nothing short of a pathetic slap on the wrist handed down by a judge who clearly couldn’t care less for the safety of our children or deterring ice heads from beating children in the future.
This sentence is shameful for the entire judicial process in NSW and I hope you have a long hard look at your future after this absolute shocker of a decision.

Going by the pseudonym Tyanian Barbara on the little boys mother fought for Craigs release, initially believing him to be innocent. She said things like “Everyone who knows Craig Regan knows he is NOT capable of harming my child or any child for that matter.” In her petition to have the man who bashed her son released from prison. She then went on A current affair and said “”I don’t regret ever leaving him in Craig’s care because I trusted him 100 per cent,” she told A Current Affair.
We hope now that he has been found guilty she has re thought her stance.

The baby boy is now 5 and living with his father, who is by all accounts, doing an incredible job under the circumstances. The little one needs full time care and will more than likely for the rest of his life, thanks to the actions of one man.

For those wondering where we got the information about the petition feel free to google Craig’s name, it’s all there.

This poor boy has been put through hell, by his abuser Craig Regan, and also at the hands of a justice system that rarely lives up to it’s name.

Fight on brave boy ! If FACAA can help you in anyway we would absolutely love to do so !

Craig if you didn’t want to be abused by inmates maybe you shouldn’t have hurt this innocent angel leaving him with lifelong challenges.

It really is horrific to be left in the hands of someone who wishes you harm and doesn’t care if you live or die, isn’t in Craig?
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