It comes Naturally in Australia – loving dancing in the rain 💙💙

DOWN UNDER, AUSSIE STYLE!” a poem Tuesday: 12/11/2018

The sexiest girl I ever met, Australian-born-and-bred;
I-really-loved-it-when-that-purty-“sheila” -was-messin’-with-my-“head!!”
“So-you’re-Texan, hey?!”-she-said-“Hoo-ray,” with-a-sparkle-in-her-eye;
I said: “Oh, my-my-my!”
“What’s-‘matter-BIG-BOY? – ya-stammering! A-heifer-got-your-tongue?”
[Those Aussie girls I-think-I-think – they like ’em well-a-hung!]
“Come-on, Tex!-what-cha-waitin’-for? Don’t-cha-wanna-cume-DOWN-UNDER?”
“Well-yes-yes – purty-miss, I do – I-lightnin’-n-you-be-thunder!”

Well-anyway-FOLKS-n-FRIENDS-n-NEIGHBORS – watch-(out) for Aussie chicks:
They’re-kinda-a-like-the-kangaroos, for
THEY-LOVE-TA-GET-THEIR-KICKS! 🙂 – Geez, Louise! Mate!

fin ❤