STRIVING-TO-ATTAIN-perfect-pitch – for-another’s-favorite-song!

“(A) PATH OF HEART!” a poem Dec. 10, 2018 (Moon-Day)

Striving-to-be-respected; striving-to-be-admired;
Striving-to-be “The Head;” hoping – to be “hired!”
Striving for “the right reasons,” turning-(away) from “the wrong;”
STRIVING-TO-ATTAIN-perfect-pitch – for-another’s-favorite-song!

Longing to hold you; longing to be,
Falling in love; yearning – to see,
Your sweet face-and-touch-your-precious-skin,
To smell your-body’s-perfume – TO-TAKE-YOU-ALL-RIGHT-IN!

And, when we reached The-Glory, of life – in-Afterlife,
My hand is quite entwined, within-the-fingers-of-my-wife,
And Peter, Dear-Dear Peter, at The Golden, Arching Gate,
With-my-McDonald’s-burger, and-the-“sauce”-is-oh-so-great,
And-Peter-asks: “What-striving-and-seeking-did-you-do?”
My Answer: “I did neither! I just “fell” for Mimmy-Poo;
I just yearned and longed to hold her;
I just dreamed of kissing true;
For-I-was-TOO-DIZZY-there, in-woo!”

“So,” said-Peter; “you-didn’t-strive? (pause) didn’t-strive-for-wealth-and-fame?
Or search for Heavenly Glory?”

“No! and-if-it’s-all-the-same:
I just-fell-in-love-with THIS girl;
(It)-wasn’t-striving! It-was INSANE!”

“Well done, Oh, Faithful Servant!
BLESS-YOUR-HEART – You lost your brain!”

fin ❤