Mystic Poet

“NOT IMPORTANT!” a poem December 9, 2018 (Sunday)

Yes, yes; we’re not “important,” but, we’re “critical” because,

Your-pre-cious-existence – (pause) – it will give me “pause,”

To-reflect-on-the-un-importance, that I-imagine every day,

The Mysterious, Complex “Substance”–that-seems-to-get-in-The-Way,

And-provide some subtle magic, that makes my Heart go: “Wow!”

I AM – your -greatest-fan; I am – your HI! – and-ciao!

I-seem-to-wake-up – in-the-morning, mourning for your touch,

And kisses and caresses – that-TO-ME, mean – oh, so much!

Yes, we’re not important, but what a loss-it-would-be,

To-The-Fabric-of-Non-existence – if-there-weren’t: her-you-&-me!

fin. ❤