мyѕтιc Poet

“I’M JUST GONNA KILL MYSELF – NOT!” a poem a.k.a.: “Since I Don’t Know How To Love Him, I Will Love Him To Die (I Mean) Death; I Mean: I Love You To Death!” Sunday: December 9, 2018

So-I-suggest-we throw it all away; I’m-gonna-BLOW-MY-COVER!
i.e.: I’m gonna take my cover (ing), my physical form,
This love-is-way-too-much! The yearning’s too extreme,
Even-though-I’ve-always-wanted – to-be-a-on-YOUR-TEAM!
So, to show you how much I love you, to show-you how much I care,
I’m gonna sacrifice myself – (pause) for my Creasy Bear!” *

So, when she told me this, of course(?) – I jumped for joy and said:
“Let’s-do-it-together, Honey – shoot-each-other-in-the-head –
Or let-us take some poison – or-jump-off a f – – – cliff;
I’m-a-just-so-bloody-happy! Hey-wait-a-SEC! – What if,
Where-we’ll-find-ourselves-a-then – IS EVEN WORSE THAN THIS:
A place? where we can’t hug – or f – – – or even have a kiss,
Where we are separated, and the longing’s even WORSE!”

“Yeah, OK, and-besides-you-might-can’t-write – no-poetic-verse!
Well, s h- -!” she said; “I guess-you’re-right!
Let’s-go-get-ice-cream – & forget this fight!”

“OK- Hon!?” I-said – (but-you-know-yes-even more),
She’s-threatened – to-“off-herself” (pause) a-bunch-o’-times-before!
But I-DO – really love her, (pause) and she-knows-I-can-not-“leave,”
‘Cause-I’ve-no-place-to-go- without-her; all I do is grieve!

fin ❤

“NOT IMPORTANT!” a poem December 9, 2018 (Sunday) Yes, yes; we’re not “important,” but, we’re “critical” because – – – your-pre-cious-existence – (pause) – it will give me “pause,” – – – to-reflect-on-the-un-importance – – – that I-imagine every day – – – The Mysterious, Complex “Substance”–that-seems-to-get-in-The-Way – – – and-provide some subtle magic, that makes my Heart go: “Wow!” – – – I AM – your -greatest-fan; I am – your HI! – and-ciao! – – – I-seem-to-wake-up – in-the-morning, mourning for your touch – – – and kisses and caresses – that-TO-ME, mean – oh, so much! – – – Yes, we’re not important, but what a loss-it-would-be – – – to-The-Fabric-of-Non-existence – if-there-weren’t: her-you-&-me! fin ❤ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vғввoвz3yoc


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