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Can’t lose The Control, ’cause you are too “cock-sure?”

“A SEQUENCE OF FREQUENCE!” a poem Sunday: December 9, 2018 CAUSE-and-EFFECT? Well – Yes AND No! Is-IT-a-“crap shoot?” Oh, YES! – (and)-“a-little”-can-go – A-Real long way – It can carry the day – And, then, lose you tomorrow, What-of: “SURCEASE OF SORROW?!”* Is life so intense? Well, IF SO, we can-mention: About-what-gives-rise – to the […]

Mystic Poet

โ€œNOT IMPORTANT!โ€ a poem December 9, 2018 (Sunday) Yes, yes; weโ€™re not โ€œimportant,โ€ but, weโ€™re โ€œcriticalโ€ because, Your-pre-cious-existence – (pause) – it will give me โ€œpause,” To-reflect-on-the-un-importance, that I-imagine every day, The Mysterious, Complex “Substanceโ€โ€“that-seems-to-get-in-The-Way, And-provide some subtle magic, that makes my Heart go: โ€œWow!” I AM – your -greatest-fan; I am – your HI! […]

ะผyั•ั‚ฮนc Poet

“I’M JUST GONNA KILL MYSELF – NOT!” a poem a.k.a.: “Since I Don’t Know How To Love Him, I Will Love Him To Die (I Mean) Death; I Mean: I Love You To Death!” Sunday: December 9, 2018 “It’s-not-worth-it-even-though-it’s-taken-us-2000-years-plus-to-find-one-another; So-I-suggest-we throw it all away; I’m-gonna-BLOW-MY-COVER! i.e.: I’m gonna take my cover (ing), my physical form, […]

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