NSW will now no longer allow child sex offenders to get reduced sentences thanks to “Good character” references, thanks to Victim’s services, the state government and various victim’s rights groups like FACAA ! 

NSW will now no longer allow child sex offenders to get reduced sentences thanks to “Good character” references, thanks to Victim’s services, the state government and various victim’s rights groups like FACAA !

How long have we been saying that child abusers are not people of good character and do not deserve to get character references ? Well now in NSW they cant !

So how did this happen ?
Well, we all remember the Royal Commission kicked off by the then Prime Minister Labor’s Julia Gillard, this led to the largest amount of wholesale changes made to the state’s criminal codes in relation to child abuse in the history of Australian law.

NSW has been leading the way in implementing the changes recommended by the Royal Commission. This has been spearheaded by a group of great people working together, in particular The commissioner for Victim’s services Mahashini Krishna. Mahashini has been integral in bringing in the changes recommended by the Royal Commission and her department at Victim’s services have been amazing in their handling of not only the recommendations but the influx of clients they have received as a result of the Royal Commission empowering survivors to seek the justice they deserve.

Mahashini has worked in conjunction with NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who both appear to have a real passion for helpinging to reform NSW’s legal system, particularly Mr Speakman. He has brought in new law, after new law, all aimed at fighting child abuse.

Talking to Mahashini about the changes that are coming in, (and there are plenty, don’t worry FACAA will update you on them all), you can see the passion in her eyes when she speaks about them, she genuinely wants what is best for survivors of child abuse and wants to do all she can to help inprove the system for all survivors of child abuse. These changes that are being implemented are huge and could not have been done without the hard work of all at Victim’s services.

So, what is happening is now when child abusers have used their “good character” or positions of power (as in teachers or people in authority) to get access to children (like priests or scout masters) then that “good character” cannot be mentioned in their attempt to get a reduced sentence, during sentencing submissions.

This is AWESOME news ! We at FACAA have been saying this, for years ! You guys our awesome members told us you wanted it, we said it over and over in our submissions and we said it loud and clear at the round table discussions for NSW’s responses to the Royal Commission (which we were so proud to represent the FACAA members at) and NOW it is a law !


Once again the FACAA legal reform campaign has succeeded in getting the job done, getting your voices heard. Along with the other charities represented at those incredible round tables like enough is enough, our good mates at SAMSN, National child protection alliance, NSW Police force, Kara House, Bravehearts and of course Victim’s services and the Royal Commission itself !

We could not be prouder to not only be a part of this elite group of child protection professionals but to also have played a role in bringing in these changes.

Victim’s services are doing an incredible job at spearheading the campaigns to bring these changes in, in convening the round table discussions and the list goes on.

We at FACAA will not only continue to report to you our members on the huge changes coming in right now, but also continue to help make those changes happen !

No more “good character” references for child sex offenders !!!!!!
They certainly are not of good character, so it has always amazed us that they could call friends in high places to write these references for them, in an attempt to lessen their sentences.

This is so awesome… be proud FACAArmy this would not have happened without your valued input and constant support!
Together, we are making the changes that need to happen… now this must go nationwide.

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