He told her “If you’d kept your mouth shut none of this would have happened” and yet his lawyer had the arrogance to suggest he was “ remorseful” for his crimes.

Swim teacher Anthony Dvorak will serve just one year behind bars for sexually abusing one of his teen students.

He told her “If you’d kept your mouth shut none of this would have happened” and yet his lawyer had the arrogance to suggest he was “ remorseful” for his crimes.

A Perth swimming teacher Anthony Dvorak has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually abusing a teenage girl. He will serve just one of those before he is eligible for parole, for some reason our source on this post which was ABC.net.au was almost sympathetic of Mr Dvorak talking about how much this case had impacted upon his life.

Anthony Craig Dvorak kissed and inappropriately touched the girl, who was aged 14 when the offending began. He also sent her a series of explicit text messages over a period of more than a year, and requested she send him photographs of herself. Dvorak winced and visibly shook during a sentencing hearing in the District Court in Perth as some of those text messages were read aloud.

The court was told the teenage victim now suffered from anxiety and depression, an eating disorder and suicidal thoughts, and had become socially withdrawn. Judge Kate Glancy said the swimming teacher had abused the girl’s trust and his offending would continue to have a significant impact on her life.

Your conduct was corrupting, abhorrent, illegal and detrimental to her wellbeing,” she said.

“You were the teacher of children … you would have known about the vulnerability of children.

“None of your offending is the fault of a 14- or 15-year-old girl who was taken advantage of by a man three times her age.”

So Judge Glancy knew all of the facts about how horrendously Mr Dvorak acted and the impact he has had on his victim’s life yet she still gave him just one year behind bars before letting him have parole. Why ?

The court heard a police search of Dvorak’s Beeliar home had uncovered a series of handwritten notes about his relationship with the teenager, one of which read:
“I love you, I hate you, I can’t live without you … If you had kept your mouth shut none of this would have happened.”
Defence lawyer Ashley Wilson said his client’s offences had occurred during an acute phase of depression. But he said Dvorak knew what he had done was wrong and had shown remorse for his actions.

Please allow us at FACAA to give you a quick lesson in what remorse is and is not, it is feeling guilty for what he has done, it is feeling empathy for his victim none of which your client Mr Dvorak has shown. What he has shown is a willingness to blame his victim entirely for his pathetic cowardly actions. By writing her a note saying “If you had kept your mouth shut none of this would have happened” he has essentially blamed her for his actions and any ensuing consequences.


The ABC chose to end their article with how hard Mr Dvorak has had it since the world found out what a monster he is. Yeah sorry ABC we won’t be reporting that because quite frankly we simply don’t care.

In fact I think it’s a good thing he’s lost his swim school as he should never again be allowed to be near children and owning a swim school would be way too much temptation for him to resist.

Perhaps he should consider just how much his victim has lost because of his actions !

Anthony Dvorak, you have shown no remorse or consideration for what you put your victim through, I hope the FACAA share your face far and wide so you can never again be allowed near people’s children, because you simply can not be trusted !

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