“Am I Losing My Blogging Mind?”

“MY AMAZING MUSINGS OVER POTENTIAL – – – -UAL ABUSE APPLICATIONS OF SLIDER(ING) WIDGETS, GRAZING IN MY BUREAU DRAWER, NAMELESS HERE, FOREVERMORE, HITCH!”* a poem a.k.a.: “Am I Losing My Blogging Mind?” December 6, 2018 – Thursday! in the series: “We No Longer Suffer Life Styles! We have: DEVICE STYLES!”

Widgets** are AMAZING! I found a few today,
With-a-MacGuffin* in-my-bureau-drawer, carrying-on-in-a-“peculiar”-way!
When I found them – they were squealing! SQUEALING, WITH DELIGHT,
And The MacGuffin! Well, it-was-grinning; the scene was outta-sight!
As I watched them, carefully, they GREW – before my eyes;
I-think-the-widgets-had-been-“impregnanted” (by-The-MacGuffin)-and-I-questioned-if-this-was-wise!!
They grew and grew and then exploded! Confetti engulfed the room!
The MacGuffin-then-spread its “Hitchcock-ian Wings;” I wondered: “Will IT zoom?”
Slowly, then, did it go – and, then, with-a-fateful-nod,
The MacGuffin, well, it took right off – y’know?- ’twas-REALLY MOD!
In retrospect! What-they were doing – might-a-been-“natural,” after all,
For I really-have no idea – if-they-were-performing “Nature’s Call!?”
Anyway, I cleaned it up – and dusted just a bit;
If I had not done – that, (pause) my mum would throw a fit!!
And-as-I emptied-the-confetti – in the outside trash,
I’m sure that passing near-by was: (pause) ALFRED-HITCHCOCK,* in a sash!
He pause for just a moment, and stared (I think) at me,
Then! continued-on-his-walk – “widgeting”-with-glee! 🙂 – My, oh, my!

fin ❤

* – Alfred “Hitch” Hitchcock, known as The Master of Suspense, was a film director who passed away about four decades ago. He was “knighted,” interviewed as the best film director/producer of all times, developed the idea of a MacGuffin, which is SOMETHING in a film that is, perhaps, important, but you never really know what it is!, had a “submissive” wife named Alma, who also acted as his manager, and was often quoted as saying: “Actors are cattle!” He died of renal failure at age 80 in 1980, I think, and he produced/directed countless films, in which he sometimes made cameo appearances, where he just “showed up” for a few moments and . . . left! He either went to Heaven or Hell or – perhaps he is still alive some place, plotting his next movie!
Perhaps, although, perhaps not, it should be said that many of the female actresses “Hitch” selected for his films were blond-haired. Some of their categories were: The Vamp, The Tramp, The Snitch, The Witch, The Slink, The Double-crosser and, of course, The Catholic Nun, who can cross herself once and usually get away with it, before levitating into Oblivion! 🙂

** – No one knows exactly what a widget is (either)!


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