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Vet’s alarming find inside violently ill French bulldog – 7 News

Vet’s alarming find inside violently ill French bulldog – 7 News


Meet Rich Fogarty, child sexual abuse survivor and FACAA rep. In 2019 he is helping FACAA take the fight to end child abuse to a whole new level !

Meet Rich Fogarty, child sexual abuse survivor and FACAA rep. In 2019 he is helping FACAA take the fight to end child abuse to a whole new level !

“I was built out of my childhood. While much of my personality was forged from a need to be noticed and loved in a crowd of kids, it has made me strive for success in everything I do, and cherish the ones I love. All of us take something from our upbringing, whether it is good or bad. I wouldn’t change the way I was raised, despite the darkness that sometimes crept into my childhood, because I am proud of whom I have become”. – Rich Fogarty, spoken like a true survivor !

Rich was raised in various hotels across New South Wales, Richard and his brother, Rob, spent their afternoons avoiding a rabble of bikies, prostitutes, drunks and drug addicts who frequented the cheap establishments. While their parents worked day and night running hotel restaurants and bars, Richard and Rob ran across hotel roofs, hurled rocks at cars and antagonised hotel guests for their own entertainment.

When a family friend was commissioned to take care of the boys while Richard’s parents were working, Richard made sure he took care of Rob in more critical ways. Richard he was four or five years old when this family friend began sexually abusing him. “I took it upon myself to protect Rob from that sort of danger,” he says. “I would deliberately fight with him to get him to take off. It was my secret, my pain, and not something I could share with anyone else. It was 30 years until I could even speak openly about what happened.”

Much of Richard’s childhood is a blur. The abuse caused him to shut out what happened in those dark years. “The good stuff I remember,” he says. “Our mum filled our lives with love, loyalty and even animals to try and make life as normal as possible. We had a farm out the back of our hotel that we invited all the local kids to. The bad stuff about my childhood I try to forget. I had a rough time in school while this was going on, because I couldn’t trust anyone. It takes that from you, the abuse. You lose the capacity to interact normally with others.”

Normality returned to Richard’s life when the family moved from the hotel where they were staying into another in Mathoura. When the family friend followed the family to that hotel Richard was about six, he was able to escape the abuse a second time when his mother and father sent him and Rob away to stay with his grandparents in Tamworth. The demons that haunted Richard still pursued him.

In about 1990 Rich was being bullied by kids at his school and like a lot of bullying victims he felt powerless to stop their bashings and harassment and so he was forced to run away. This left him feeling powerless and wanting a way to fight back, wanting to stand up for himself he went down to a local fight night.

The night just happened to be headlined by an old friend he hadn’t seen in years, seeing his friend in the main event inspired him and changed the direction of his life forever. He started up martial arts, in particular Mas Oyama’s Kyokoshin Karate which is in some circles called “The hardest Karate”. The thing was he was good, very good and went on to win several knockdown and points sparring titles.

He would then go on and learn all different styles of martial arts including Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Boxing and Ring Karate. Over a 14 year fight career Richard represented and won state, national titles.

Richard to this day is involved in the martial arts industry as a specialty striking coach whom has worked with some of the worlds best combat sport athletes and coaches in MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing. You can see in the poster he holds pads for UFC and FACAA rep Jake “The Celtic kid” Matthews, UFC heavyweight sensation and friend of FACAA Mark “The SuperSamoan” Hunt, UFC’s Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson, UFC Lightweight legend Donald “Cowboy” Cerone and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, in getting ready for this article Rich sent us photos of himself training Diego “The Dream” Sanchez, Alistair Overeem, the list goes on and on and on. He has held pads for and coaches the whos who of UFC superstars. To say that he is at the top of his profession is an understatement, there are very few out there who can boast such a client list like Rich can.

He now teaches out of Steel City Boxing a martial arts gym in Newcastle, he is an approved FACAA coach and next year will be helping us raise much needed funds to help end child abuse once and for all. I can’t say too much but all I will say is 2019 is ours and we are willing to fight for it !

To say Rich has overcome his childhood is an understatement, like a true survivor he took what would have crushed most people and turned them to addictions and other forms of self medication and used the pain and used the demons that haunted him to help him become a man of strength and unstoppable tenacity ! If he wants it he works his tail to the bone until he gets it and nothing will stand in his way and that is the exact never say die attitude and resilience we want to instil in the FACAA kids that come to us to overcome their ordeals.

Thank you for coming on board with FACAA Rich, we know that with your help we will do great things and take this fight to previously unseen levels !

We are going to end child abuse once and for all, with Rich’s help and the help of all the FACAA reps (who every Saturday night you will meet a new one of and hear their truly inspirational stories), who we like to call the FACAA Army we will take this fight to end child abuse, once and for all, straight to the front lines and we will force them back !

If you don’t believe us, or don’t want to help…that’s cool….. just don’t get in our way !

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