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Tumblrโ€™s porn ban could devastate many who make a living as cam models Sex workers of all stripes found Tumblr to be a boon to finding clients. What happens when that income is cut off? ( Read the full article)

Tumblrโ€™s porn ban could devastate many who make a living as cam models
Sex workers of all stripes found Tumblr to be a boon to finding clients. What happens when that income is cut off?

DECEMBER 5, 2018 12:00AM (UTC)
On Monday, Tumblr announced it will ban all sexualized nudity from its platform, bringing an end to its era of serving as a freeform, accessible hub for diverse sexual expression. While the ban is meant to make the platform โ€œbetter [and] more positive,โ€ it will also likely to send shockwaves through an industry of cam models who have depended on the platform to make an income โ€” and in some cases, survive.

Tumblr said in its official announcement the ban will go into effect on December 17. Most adult content via photos, videos, or GIFs, will be prohibited or removed by then, with the exception of โ€œfemale-presenting nipples in connection with breastfeeding, birth or after-birth moments, and health-related situations, such as post-mastectomy or gender confirmation surgery.โ€ Thus, the days of Tumblr porn are nearing an end.

โ€œThere are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content,โ€ chief executive Jeff Dโ€™Onofrio wrote in a blog post Monday. โ€œWe will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.โ€

The ban may be a repercussion of Tumblr being removed from Appleโ€™s App Store after child pornography was found on the site, a negative side effect intrinsic to many unmoderated user-dependent platforms.

Regardless, people who make a living “camming” โ€” meaning that clients pay to watch a livestream of, or have an individual video chat with, a cam model โ€” will lose a vital platform. As Karley Sciortino wrote in Broadly, camming has become a huge part of the adult entertainment industry, and many sex workers make a living as freelancers who cam or sell videos via sites like Tumblr or Snapchat.

In spite of stereotypes about the kind of people attracted to sex work, people from many different socioeconomic classes make a living camming part-time or full-time. Anna Katzen, a Harvard grad, wrote about her experience working as a cam girl in a 2014 Salon essay:

โ€œWhy did you start camming?โ€ asked someone with the username TiredForearm. โ€œWell, I came here because I hate my real job and wanted to see if this could be a viable financial alternative,โ€ I said. […] I began leaving the office sharply at 5 p.m., applying my makeup on the subway ride home and often skipping dinner in order to log online faster. I broadcast my webcam show until 10 or 11 p.m., then rolled into bed exhausted, exhilarated and up to $600 richer. After only a week of moonlighting as a camgirl, earning twice the wages of my desk job in half of the time, I handed in my notice. โ€œFreelance work,โ€ I told my boss and parents alike. โ€œIโ€™m going to take the certification exam for Russian-to-English translation.โ€ While not entirely ludicrous โ€“ I am fluent in Russian โ€“ I saw no hurry to pursue this option so long as I was still certified to flash my boobs over the Internet.

Aella, who was a cam girl for five years and earned $50,000 in her highest earning month, told Salon this ban is โ€œsadโ€ and will have an impact on cam models.

โ€œI used to acquire more customers… it can be extremely effective as a marketing channel,โ€ she told Salon. โ€œI think it limits the options… itโ€™s one option out of many [that] are slowly being cut back, as more platforms restrict nudity people have fewer platforms to fall back on โ€” especially independent sex workers.โ€

Aella explained the process of acquiring new clients on Tumblr went as follows: โ€œSo say Iโ€™m a regular guy browsing Tumblr and a photo comes up of a really hot girl, sheโ€™s interesting, really attractive, conveying the thing I want to know more about,โ€ she said. From there, the potential client can find more information about the cam model, and either tip them or pay for a private session.

โ€œTumblr [was] greatโ€ for that, she added. Today, Aella helps other women go through the process of camming, and advises them on her blog how to be successful at it.

Pike Long, the Deputy Director of St. James Infirmary โ€” a peer-based occupational health clinic for sex workers and their families โ€” told Salon in an email that the Tumblr porn ban will impact sex workers.

โ€œI know sex workers who are going to be harmed by this, though we as an [organisation] haven’t given it much attention yet,โ€ she told Salon in an email. โ€œI do find it to be cruelly ironic that they chose December 17th, which happens to be International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, as their date to pull many workers off their platform.โ€

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We do not comment or Judge

But we do support victims of Pedophiles

We do support all Victims of the Sex Trade Industry.

The person or organisation who made this above interview may be fabricated. We at no time ratify this article

We do congratulate Apple Corporation pressing forward.

Violence towards Women in Slavery is not Ok

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Mystic Poet

โ€œGOODNESS – WHAT I BELIEVE!โ€ a poem a.k.a.: โ€œJust Donโ€™t Eat So Much Chocolate (Pudding) That You Get Too Sick, OK?!โ€ 11/30/18 – Friday!

I BELIEVE – in the bitter/sweet feelings – that โ€œinfectโ€ us all;

Frail, fragile things we be – standing-behind-a-wall,

Of flesh and hope and desire, trying to break free,


Our feelings? ARE ETERNAL! and we try to strategize,

To hold to those sweet things we have – and cover-up-with-lies,

The bitter, painful feelings – that-we-banish EVERY DAY!

We say: โ€œBe gone, you vile fiends!โ€ – and THEY are apt to say:

โ€œBut, Friend(s)! You know, without us (pause) you can-not appreciate,

Those things you THINK are sweet and good, with-which-you-saturate,

Yourselves-with! Come-on! Dance, YOUR DANCE, with ALL your feelings, for –

Weโ€™re-all-COMRADES – in this life, but LABELS have before,

Excluded us – from-THE-REINDEER-GAME!

Come-on-now – please-let-us-explain:

That GRIEF is shunned, SO – call it LONGING (pause) for-less-heaviness,

And ANGERโ€™s-just:-INDIGNATION, responding to This Mess,

Which is: DIVERSE ROUGH-HOUSING! Doesnโ€™t-that-sound-grand?

For-the (7)-DEADLY-SINS – are-each-a-misunderstood, last-ish stand:

ENVYโ€™s also LONGING, to have the best in life;

GLUTTONY is LOVE – of the cooking – by your (loving) wife;

GREEDโ€™s-also LOVE to-have-and-hold, all-the-blessings in This World;

And LUST (my favorite!) – is playing-a-lot with-my-Sweetie, close & curled!

PRIDE is having REVERENCE, for all you say and do,

And SLOTH – is sleeping-in-sometimes – especially-when-youโ€™re-โ€blue!โ€



Then FOOLISH people can-be-called: CARE-FREE,

And PORNOโ€™s – just – plain DICEY! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Kisses!

fin โค

A very strong PROTEST Deadicted to Facebook and Social media โ™จโ™จโ™จโ™จโ™จโ™จ

“MY WAY!” a poem, dedicated to: Those people in social medias who are confident enough with their judgment of things that they think they can chose to censor whatever they darn well please and/or the legal “geniuses,”(i.e.: political baffoons) in government, who still haven’t realized that morality can not be legislated! Wednesday: Dec. 5, 2018

“Kiss me here! It’s cold – and white;
Warm me up – I-wanna-feel-all-right!”

Shall-I-do-what-you-say? Kiss-you RIGHT THERE?
You’ve prepared The Place – and it’s SO BARE!
It needs my mouth, to make it wanted!
If-I-don’t-kiss-you-there, I will be hunted,
Or – I’LL BE SHUNNED, ’cause you-think-you-got-special-power,
And – if-you-do! Let’s-SET-THE-CLOCKS-BACK, to-an-earlier-hour,
When “censorship” – was your middle name,
And persecution – was your fame!
You wanted a little – and-NOW, YOU WANT-A-LOT!
Oh, yeah! I love kissing you – by-your righteous pot,
A pot of gold? It’s NOT for me;
I-think-you-might-drown-in-it! Let’s-wait-and-see!
But, as far as seeing things – your – – – – ing way,
I’ve got FAR-better things-to-do – today! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Like swimming in a sewer!*

fin โค

    • composed of the excrement of countless moralizing legislators throughout the ages!!


Latetely we have taken great delight in watching some of the most hateful, racist posts in history of Social Media.

We reported serial hundred of these posts to Facebook without any success ” viewed and dosen’t go against community standards” oh my, in Australia these posts were against our Laws.

Our question to Readers is – what Law does Facebook use to Judge”?????

This year alone our office reported daily Facebook friends request of a busty women, push the accept button your life and money just disappeared. Yet those profile came back as Ok not against Community standards

My Facebook account is continually shut down. Not Community Stanards! Over sharing Beautiful Nature Posts.

Don’t pay Facebook to share your Bussiness Pages. This is why! Your Bussiness Adverting Pages are blocked to.

Out of business yet Facebook don’t even know that happens! WHY baffons created the Crawlers. Coders wake up!

Mystic Poet

“BOOK BURNING!” a poem, dedicated to Facebook, Inc. – and, now, Tumblr. Dec. 5, 2018 – Wednesday

In Germany, before-The-Great-War,
We burned THE BOOKS, forevermore!
We burned them, yes, for many-a-reason:
COMMUNITY STANDARDS – always in season!
IMPROPER CONTENT – has great appeal!
And ADULT CONTENT, can always deal,
With anything-at-all WE don’t like,
WE-ARE-THE-CENSORS! Book-burning – can psyche,
Us up a lot, ’cause we – WILL control,
All we can, don’t-cha-know?!
And IF-YOU DON’T-LIKE-IT – well, up your (long pause)
Because what WE say – Well! What-we-say –

fin โค ๐Ÿ™‚ – Sieg Heil!

Mystic Poet

“THE OTHER WAY!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Alan Watts On The Art Of Stretching!” December 5, 2018 – Wednesday KARAOKE NIGHT (Railroad Blues, Alpine, TX.)

The-WAY-of-The-Buddha – is to-SIT, like-that,
Seiza-or-cross-legged (pause) preferably, on a mat!
The-way-of-Alan-Watts – was The-Way of-THE-CAT,
To meditate a while – then! smell – a rat,
And then-awake-and-stretch – and-then, to leave The Dojo,
Going out into The World, searching for your “mojo!”
For you can sit or-(do)-“practice,” for the-rest of your sweet life,
But life COULD be for living! You might-find yourself a wife!
There-are-some-who-say-HARD-PRACTICES, like austerity, is torment,
But then you’re asked to sit all day, for hours to be dormant,

Or seek The Shrine, to pray a lot,
Or smoke the ganga – or simply – NOT,
Do anything that’s “normal,” like eating-sex-or-sports!
Yet-God-Groups-are-great-for-“the-lonesome,” so you can have cohorts!
Some say: “Life’s for CLEANSING – body, mind and soul;
Perhaps! or you-COULD-minimize the setting of your goal,
As always preparation – for-rewards in Heaven or Hell,
Life’s right here! Why-do-you-fear! A trillion folks will tell,
You, (that)-THEY’RE-GOIN’-TO-“HEAVEN,” but that road has JUST ONE!
The rest go-to-lectures-’bout-Heaven – long-talks to-me aren’t-fun!

fin โค


As in the beauty of all things sacred, allow the love of our Savior be always first in life and all else will be crowned with purpose and meaningful understanding.
The deepness of my loving sincerity towards all is possible only by reason of the son of God who chose sacrifice, so we would be one love with him in being a part of a loving creation. So be it in our heart, and then we will arrive at Heavens open doors.
Luke Le Bree