Mim Marshall shared this on Quora with you. This is a must read if you loves Books


To the young girl who wanted to live in a book and wallow in the smell of old leather and shiny brass buttons 

She was given a mountain to climb 

In books, she often sought the answers

She found she didn’t need therapy

She only needed to, “fit” 

Books she knew fitted around her 

Until she saw from the corner of her eye

An Authour in her most favourite leather bound Book 

She said that the authour was just her “fit” 

And they lived happily ever after

Kindness should never be taken for granted
Even those have borders too🌏

Every break of dawn we are born again 

Your greatest gift in life are ” moments in time” mm©

Raise the sunshine with a beautiful smile

And mean it

A Beautiful face without
A smile 
Mean’s Nothing 

A beautiful smile never needs makeup


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