Kindness in Nature

Unconditional Love Knows no Boundaries

Mim Marshall shared this on Quora with you. This is a must read if you loves Books

To the young girl who wanted to live in a book and wallow in the smell of old leather and shiny brass buttonsΒ 

She was given a mountain to climbΒ 

In books, she often sought the answers

She found she didn’t need therapy

She only needed to, “fit”Β 

Books she knew fitted around herΒ 

Until she saw from the corner of her eye

An Authour in her most favourite leather bound BookΒ 

She said that the authour was just her “fit”Β 

And they lived happily ever after

Kindness should never be taken for granted
Even those have borders too🌏

Every break of dawn we are born againΒ 

Your greatest gift in life are ” moments in time”Β mmΒ©

Raise the sunshine with a beautiful smile

And mean it

A Beautiful face without
A smileΒ 
Mean’s NothingΒ 

A beautiful smile never needs makeup



As in the beauty of all things sacred, allow the love of our Savior be always first in life and all else will be crowned with purpose and meaningful understanding.
The deepness of my loving sincerity towards all is possible only by reason of the son of God who chose sacrifice so we would be one love with him in being a part of a loving creation. So be it in our heart and then we will arrive at Heavens open doors.
Luke Le Bree

Mystic Poet

“MIO BABBINO CARO!” a poem Tuesday: December 4, 2018 for my dear friend Bob Patterson, who came back home, once again!

In some “religious sectors,” CHRISTMAS is REALLY bad!

They will not even say THE WORD – It’s HAPPY-HOLIDAYS, inst(e)ad,

For the term-for-instance (in Japanese) – for X-mas, means “TO SUFFER,”

And, I mean, WHO WANTS THAT? (pause) (’cause) from-suffering-we-want-“a-buffer!”

Yet! Suffering’s appropriate, I think, on-that-particular-day,

For – it was – when The Blessed Virgin conceived, in a meek and lowly way,

And she MUST have suffered – at least somewhat – to have her lovely child,

But, AFTERWARDS! There-must-have-been-such-JOY! I hope folks just went wild,

To celebrate! THE COMING – The coming of – a wonderful friend,

Who was here to declare – that we need-not fear – and that THIS-isn’t-The-End!

That – WHEN YOU DIE, or appear to die, it’s not really cessation;

It’s just: TEMPORARY release-and-relief – from all this trepidation!


Christmas is coming – Relax! and SHINE YOUR LIGHT! πŸ™‚ – Yeah!

fin <3

Mystic Poet

“NATURAL EMPATH!” a poem a.k.a.: “For Love of HER!” Dec. 4, 2018 – Tuesday!

Years ago I wrote some-letters! I wrote them, don’t-cha-know!
It was this real, rotten year – I wrote of all the woe!
I wrote-a-letter-for-each-month! It was A YEAR OF LOSS:
I lost my kitty “Spunky!” That cat, she was “Boss!”
She kept me company at night, and meowed when I came home,
And, then, one day she disappeared! I-wrote-her-a-little-poem!*
And-I lost my little innocence! That year, a rapist came,
Into my room – and “did me in!” Yet, no one is to blame!
I lost my favorite shirt, I did; I lost it at The Gym;
It was a gift from grampa – and-helped-me-remember-him.
I lost a grade in school – “They” forced me-to-go-ahead,
And skip a grade – no-friends I made – in-the-next-class, I-was “dead!”
I lost my favorite uncle! And-my bicycle got stole!
I-lost-my-desire-to-go-on – That-year was “A Black Hole!”
I wrote some stuff for every month – 12 letters there in all,
Then I-grew-up – got-married (pause) with-a-job-and-a-boy-named Paul,
But-my-best-friend-is-my-pretty-wife; she makes my life so fun,
And, when she found these letters once, she-read-them-one-by-one!
Now, she’s-an-Angel, and-a-“true-empath!” She REALLY FEELS-my-pain,
So, when she started reading-those-letters, I-needed to explain,
That – that-was-then – and now-is-now,
And she-simply should-not “have a cow,”
BUT! When she read the-one-for-Jan., she couldn’t sleep all night,
Plus-Feb.-then-Mar. – and-into-Apr., she really showed some fright,
And, when she said she’d had enough – and-that-I-should-probably-burn-’em,
Because they’d likely do me harm, I-got-a-constricted-sternum!
‘Cause they were letters, by-little-ol’-me, written long ago,
With little words from little hands, although-they-were-full-of-woe!
So-I-said, “I’m-gonna-keep-’em-Hon; you do-not have to read!”
But, after-a-while, my curious Lover – she read of May, indeed,
And got pretty-sick, and I REALLY-KNEW,
My empathic-sweetie was getting-blue,
Because of silly, rotten letters –
For LOVE OF HER – those memories (pause) were taken out and shot!
You know, my Friends, there’s-nothing-more-sacred,- or – important-to-me,
As-The Peace-of-Mind of-My-Lovely-Wife, My-Joy-and-My Swee-ty!

* – which, maybe, some day I’ll share, but not today,