Bridging two extremes It is a thin line between love and hate, and the best stories dance on that border. Facebook

We live in the age of hate. We’re defined much more by what we reject than what we adore. Extreme polarisation has guaranteed that nearly 50 per cent of the country can hate the other nearly 50 percent of the country — and the feeling is mutual.

Our technological tools make it ever easier to weaponise antipathy. Facebook posts that generate intense emotion are much more likely to be shared than those that appeal to the cooler ends of our psyches. And we know: Intense emotion for a human being usually means hate rather than love, though it oughtn’t.

But as inexhaustible as the human capacity for hate seems to be, it also leaves us broken. Hate is not what humans genuinely want.

These years have been dark, but they have been lit by a groundswell of love: love for the stranger, love for the immigrant, love for those who are different from us. Never before in this country has the right to love whom we choose been as free as it is today. And many of us, most of us, will fight to keep expanding that circle. Love wins, as the saying goes, and in the end, it conquers.

Or so we’re to told


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