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Mystic Poet

LET’S FIND SOMETHING TO DO!” a poem a.k.a.: “Grafters Anonymous!” Monday: December 3, 2018

You get up and you do something! That’s just how it goes!
Some folks – shoot their neighbors! Some folks – point their toes!
Some folks are policemen, and some are Marfiosa;
Some respected, some abhorred – there-are-thorns-and-also-rosa!
Some folks dress in “funky” clothes, and some in business suits!
We all do something; ain’t it fine? Shoes-barefeet-and-boots,
And political correctness – has-its-place ’round here,
And THE PENDULUM SWINGS, TO-&-FRO – Confidence-with-fear,
Resides in every human heart; humane’s a two-edged sword;
If-you-treat-me-“right,”-my-friend – I’LL HIT YOU WITH A BOARD!
If you don’t eat my eggs on toast, I’ll-be-really-mad-at-you,
But some show love by cooking (pause) for-their-sweetie-poo!

You get up and you-do-something; oh, yes, it’s plain to see!
I like to do THAT THING in bed, where-we-graft-your-skin-to-me! 🙂 – Oh, my!

fin <3


The Nun and the Fig Leaf :
A nun had to use the bathroom, so she went into a bar, the first place she could find. She noticed that every time the lights went out, everybody cheered.
She went up to the bartender and asked him why. He said she would be better off not knowing, so she asked where the bathroom is. He gave her directions.
When she got there she saw a big naked statue with a fig leaf covering you-know-where.
When she exited the bathroom everybody cheered. She asked the bartender why, and he replied,”Every time someone lifts the fig leaf, the lights go out.”😂


Arbor Day
It was Arbor Day, and a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all planted something.

The redhead planted flowers in her front yard.
The brunette planted a tree in her back yard.
The blonde didn’t know what to plant, so she asked the redhead.
“Plant something that looks good,” she said.
The blonde still didn’t know what to plant, so she asked the brunette.
“Plant something you want more of,” she said.😌

The blonde finally knew what to plant. The next day,her husband was declared a missing person.😌

Editor: Blondes have more fun anyway 😂😁😅😆