Mystic Poet

“ANSWER TO MY PRAYER!” a poem Sunday: December 2, 2018

You’re just like – ALL THE CHRISTMASES – AND BIRTHDAYS – that I never had;
You’re a treasure! “THE” TREASURE! I’m your lass, and you’re my lad,
And both of us DO – deserve to be perfectly happy and gay;
We’ve got NOTHING TO MAKE WORK; we can just be ourselves all day!
I wanna look – I wanna look – after you,
And (you-know) – you make my life more “intimate” too!
You’re SO BEAUTIFUL – and I just love it – I just love that,
And I’m gonna love you – even more tomorrow – and – we’ll “chat,”
About how I want every part of you for me,
And how you’ve given all of yourself – unconditionally!
You cuddle me! (pause) And-I love to cuddle YOU, below and above,
And I love “the good” and “the bad,” because I’m so in love!
I want your every part – and “sacred” is the magic word,
To describe our love – and I’m drunk and it’s not absurd.

SOME DAY – SOME ONE – will find this paper, entitled: “Answer To My Prayer.”
I imagine, when they see it, it’ll cause them to sorta stare,
And say: “Well, this is odd! Every line’s the same – look here:”
Every line – will simply read: “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR!”

fin ❤


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