Mystery Author😁

“THE TIME TO NOT PREPARE!” 12/2/18 (Sunday)

NOW is the time; (it) ALWAYS HAS BEEN;

You can’t lose – ‘cause you’ve GOT the win;

Just that you’re HERE, means you’re VICTORIOUS;

Prepare The Way! Make it SO glorious – – –

Make it simple, to banish despair;

IF YOU WANT TO COME, you haven’t a care,

For-that-very-desire – is YOUR TICKET, My Friend!

GOD BLESS THE “FRETTERS!” (Do-you comprehend?)

I love you more – than ever you’ll know.

Now, F. S. – are you ready to go?

But – that’s just it – YOU’RE ALREADY THERE!

JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Isn’t that fair?!

fin ❤


By golly, this Author must be on something 😆😓😁😂


Author, please fill out the questioner above



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