Daniel Holdom has been given two life sentences for murdering Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and little Khandalyce.

Daniel Holdom has been given two life sentences for murdering Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and little Khandalyce.

“His brutality will haunt us forever” – Karlie and Khandalyce Pearce-Stevenson’s family.

“From now until the day he dies women and children must be protected, their safety must be paramount”

This statement from the family is all the more heartbreaking when you realise while police were searching for the murderer of Karlie and Khandalyce….. Holdom was out raping a 9 year old girl.

In 2014, Holdom faced the NSW District Court and was jailed for a maximum of 4 years and 3 months after he sexually assaulted a 9 year-old who lived in a neighbouring caravan on the NSW Central Coast.

Holdom removed the girl’s pyjamas and sexually assaulted her. He denied it when the girl told her mother what happened. His DNA was found in the girl’s underwear and he was convicted of having sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10.(RAPING a child under the age of 10) ,

If only our legal system thought the same way about protecting the innocent as Karlie and Khandalyce’s family do, he would have been behind bars for his previous convictions and would have been incapable of harming anyone.

Holdom had a long list of previous convictions for violent crimes including assault and domestic violence he had criminal records in three states and the Northern Territory, including for a 1999 assault where he tried to strangle his girlfriend and placed a pillow over her face when she ended their relationship.

That ‘assault’ should have been charged as an attempted murder and he should have been put behind bars where he belonged
If we were allowed to know these things about possible partners, women like Karlie would not innocently and unknowingly be walking unprotected into hell on Earth, and taking their children with them.

As far as we at FACAA are concerned, Holdom’s convictions should have seen him behind bars for life… he shouldn’t have been free to violently and sadistically rape and murder this innocent mother and then murder her baby girl and callously dump her body in a suitcase.
His long list of previous convictions should have seen him locked away, but we realise, for now, the justice system doesn’t agree with us and these heinous predators are all eventually released onto an unsuspecting public.

So there should at least be a publicly searchable register of all violent partners/offenders in place, where Karlie, or one of her family, or friends could have checked Holdom out and on seeing his past record, Karlie could have made an informed decision before spending any more time with this waste of oxygen. Lets face it, if she knew what he was like she would never have gone out with him or allowed him anywhere near her beautiful child…. and their family would now not be suffering the pain of having 2 such precious lives ended so violently.

But if our Government won’t allow us to protect our children with a publicly searchable sex offenders register, what hope do we have for a violent partners/offenders register.

Holdom was behind bars for the rape of the little 9 year old girl, when he was charged with the double murder of the young mum and her toddler daughter, thankfully now he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and never breathe free air again.

Daniel James Holdom, 44, pleaded guilty in July to the December 2008 murder of his girlfriend of two months, Karlie Pearce-Stevenson, 20, and Khandalyce Pearce, aged two-and-a-half, about four days later.

Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s remains were found in the Belanglo State Forest in 2010, but were not identified until her daughter’s remains were discovered in 2015 in a suitcase dumped beside a South Australian highway.

In the NSW Supreme Court today, Justice Robert Allan Hulme imposed life sentences on Holdom for both murders. Holdom made a last-minute bid to withdraw his guilty plea for Khandalyce’s murder. but the judge refused his application after a brief adjournment.

I am starting to like this Justice Hulme.

“His treatment of her (Karlie) showed complete disdain for her existence as a human being,” Justice Hulme said, labelling it a murder of “extreme gravity and appalling depravity”.

“For him, she was just flesh with a life that could be extinguished for his vile pleasure.”

Justice Hulme then described Holdom’s killing of the “completely defenceless two-year-old” girl as “despicable”.

I really like this Justice Hulme. Way to hammer this child murdering scumbag ! Not like he deserves anything less.

Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s unidentified skeleton was for years known as “the Angel of Belanglo” due to a t-shirt found with the remains with the word “angelic” on it.
She had bone fractures indicative of being forcefully stomped on or kneed in the chest, the agreed facts state.

Her blonde toddler Khandles, suffocated by Holdom “probably” in a hotel room in Narrandera, was found with balls of dishcloth stuffed in her mouth, layers of tape wound from her chin to her eyes, and a disposable nappy wrapped around her skull.

Holdom also used bank cards and personal papers to steal more than $70,000 from Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s accounts, and a mobile phone to create “false indications” to her family that she and Khandalyce were alive.

“The offender, for at least for the foreseeable future, represents a danger to society,” Justice Hulme said.

Yes he does…..and he should never be released as a result.

Finally a judge who gets the fact that child killers do not ever deserve to be set free and a judgement that will see this waste of oxygen die in prison, never to harm another innocent again.

We can only hope this sentence brings some peace to the family, our thoughts and love go out to you..

Rest in Peace Karlie and Khandalyce, we will add your names to the list of why we will never stop fighting.
Fly high precious girls..

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