Mystic Poet

“A VAMPIRE’S STORY!” Dec. 1, 2018 – Saturday

It is December, Friends – so gather around,
Fires-of-Contentment, where-legends-abound:
FOR-in-Palestine* – millenia ago?
There lived some zombies – This we know,
From ancient texts – and O(au)ral tradition,**
A guy named HARRY (Joe) – and (his) Mimara, in submission!
The Romans then, in days gone by,
Had-subdued The Vampire/Zombie cry!
So, in late-December, of each year,
(They)-required-The-DEAD-CRAWLERS – to-crawl-over-“here,”
To EVIL SALEM, for to vote,
And-pay-ZOMBIE TAXES: a 3 pound note!
So-when December came, the trek began,
Harry-Joe-and-Mimar – [little] girl, old man,
Both ETERNAL – and hungry – for blood and for brains,
And this little tale, sort-of explains,
What really happened – at THE INN – right there,
In Jeru-SALEM – it – wasn’t much fair,
For even the dead ones, they need a room,
“Go lie in THE STABLES – with – The Dogs of Doom!
So Yoseph and Mimari (which basically-means: Bitter),
Went to The Stables, to sleep with a litter,
Of werewolves! and-also-ghosts-goblins – and JACK,
A poor, shepherd boy, who really did lack,
Mental resources – to -avoid being bit,
By-Mima (she’s-just-about-seven!) who-for-him was-a-”hit,”
And the two of them – SLEPT! On the 24th, OY!
Vey! Very-nice! and The Heavens did glow,
With a HALLOWEEN AURA, for this we-kinda-know:
That Alien Hordes came to visit that night,
To commission Young Jack, to-be-a-savior! All right!
And Jack, known as “J,” from that fateful night on,
With Mima-and-Harry-Joe – he left; they were gone!
They went off to Cairo,*** and, all over the place,
Biting-and-subduing – The Whole Human Race!
J-was-in-his-30’s(?) and (remember?) Mimmy’s-about-SEVEN,
And Joseph-went-to-America – to a place called Heaven,
or – “Paradise” (Pennsylvania) and became The Head,
Of-a-Vampire/Zombie-Group – called: The Grateful Dead,
And Mim and her J-Jay – lived happily ever after,
Eventually-got-to-Texas**** -became-Jews!-and-”Jay’s”-a-“crafter,”
And Mim(?) She does hand-i-crafts, comforters and shawls,
And, at night, the young couple – slithers and crawls,
And finds lots of fun – and-“evil” *****-things to do,
WELL! (pause) THAT’S-OUR-TALE (pause)
MINUS-A-NAIL-OR-TWO!!****** 🙂 – Whoa! Yeah!

fin ❤

* – Texas?
** – in more ways than ONE!!
*** – Egypt, that is!
**** – in The U. S. A., I think!
***** – NOT REALLY “evil;” just kinda “kinky!!”
****** – AND ! – If-you-wanna-kill-an-undead-person – with-a-nail! – – – Go for The Heart (I guess !) ‘Cause-piercin’-hands-and-feet – NEVER ! end-a-vampire’s-tale !! 🙂 -Heh, heh, heh !
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