Jesus Message.
As I look upon the ones who I created with love abound, a tear reaches my eye as you reached a pathway of no return by choice. For let, it be known you were deeply buried in my heart of love yet you walked away and lost your place and chance to create worlds of love. The time draws near for me to say amen and life overflowing will take place for many, and then for more later after they have made a choice in conditions uncomfortable for themselves, but deepness in what they choose. You are my children and I give you love with life itself which is the same thing, all else is a movement away from it and to levels of pain you created. Breathe in that which I offer you or be knowing you had every chance with my backing. The new ways of the kingdoms to come you will shine so bright and I will feel every heart beat of your love within me. What my Father has awaiting you all will be to the highest and the most beautiful. Be strong in these days you live now so you can place your arm around many you have helped to reach this Heaven Awaiting.
I am overwhelmed yet so full of love and emotion, thank you, Lord for your words for they rest in my heart and float me through to the full awakening. In Jesus Name AMEN.
Luke Le Bree.


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