“ALL OF IT!” a poem 11/30/2018 (Friday) “The LAST Day of November!”

“I’m pretty sure,” The Psychic said; “THAT’s all the truth THIS TIME!”

“Yes!” she said; “I’m-really-quite-certain! on this bet your last dime!”

“NO!” said I; “I-want-The-HIGHEST-TRUTH; the highest you can find!”

The Psychic shrugged! She was POSSESSED! and then she sort-of whined,

With mournful, pained-and-dynamic VOICE:

“‘Tis I – LORD-OF-ALL – I AM your choice!


And-I-did-LISTEN!!!!! BUT – skep-ti-c’lly,

As The-Secrets-of-The-Universe (were) magically unveiled!

Yet, when-she-was-finished, I KNEW – that-she-had-”FAILED!”

I-knew-that-’twasn’t-IT and-said: “Please TRY AGAIN!”

And-The-Psychic got-mad-’n’-quiet, breathing-now-and-then!

Well, you-know? I-kissed-her, and-a-still-small-voice-did-grow;

IT said (kinda shaky and shy): “I’m PHIL,* and I-don’t-know,

Why I’m here – but-you-say – that-you-really-want-THE-TRUTH?”

“Yes,” I said; “Oh, yes, my Dear! Even-if it’s-uncouth!”

“OK, well-then, let’s-keep-it-simple: NO-O N E’S-INFALLIBLE –

You gotta TAKE-IT-ALL-TOGETHER, with-a-salt-grain! Truth’s-so-‘MALL’ABLE!’

So-proceed with flexibility! and-that’ll-lead-you-to-some-Truth!

Without such caution-and-trepidation, Truth will just go POOF!”

“Ya,” said I – “that makes good sense!

Thanks, there, Phil – YOUR WISDOM’S IMMENSE!”


SO-NOTICE: When a-TRUTHFUL SPIRIT – doth-manifest-in-the-seer,

Truly! It-will-not-say-JACK,*

Then-you-know the channel’s “clear!”*** 🙂 – [ ? ]

fin ❤

* – “phil” means LOVE! PHILanthropy – PHILosophy – PHILadelphia –

** – i.e.: IT does NOT speak!

*** – i.e.: As truthful as IT gets!


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