“IT’S GONNA GET CHA!” a poem November 1, 2018 – Thursday

Something’s gonna get cha: the food supply OR sprays,

We use to help the food to grow! There are so many ways,

That something – it will get cha – and take your body “out!”

A millions ways to “bite the dust,” and-your-demise-It’s-all-about,

A “faulty” immune system – or – a fine health shot reaction!

Something’s gonna get cha! A collision? (You’re-in-traction!)

And, while you’re at the hospital, lying in that bed,

A mold or strange bacteria – might get into your head,

And cause incephalitis! or-what-of-a-putrid-water-supply,

Or even chlorine in your water,

Or mom’s-homemade apply pie!!

Something gonna get cha, so IF you get to choose,

What-do-you-want-to-get-cha? How-’bout tainted booze?

Or VD from your Sweetie – or tetanus-from-a-nail,

Or rabies from a mad dog,

Or a collapsed roof from a gale!?

Well, IF-I-have-any-say-in-this, I’LL TURN MY EYES ABOVE,

‘Cause – What I want-t’-get-me – Is lots o’ your sweet love! 🙂

fin <3