“PILLOW TALK!” a poem October 31, 2018 – Wednesday

I love being between your pillows. It’s comfy – and it’s warm;

They are so firm and bouncy! (They have a pleasing form!)

Some-how-I recall them, from long ago! I think it’s “deja vu!”

When-I-see-‘em-I-get-so-hungry, but I haven’t got a clue,

Of why that feeling might be there! Perhaps-it’s-from long ago:

The mysteries of life run deep – some things we’ll never know!

But, for now, I do not care – I am so happy here,

Stuck-between your pillows soft! Next stop? I think that’s clear!* 🙂

fin <3

* – We’re heading “down South,” to the Terlingua Chili Cook-off?**