Mystic POET

“TRUE WORTH!” a poem in the ever popular series: “I’ll Love You Forever AND You Don’t Have To Love Me Back!!” November 6, 2018 – Tuesday!

Yes! What-we-do’s-important! for-Recognition & Fame,

The work ethic’s good, BUT – clearly! It’s lame,

To consider (that) you’re REAL WORTH – depends upon-your-job!

Your REAL WORTH? Is-BEING- Y O U! : Sam – Marge – or Bob!

So, IF you rest – for-a-week-or-two or – give-up-”work”-all-together,

I STILL LOVE-AND-ADORE-YOU, HON! “Well, knock-me (over) with-a-feather!”

Yes! Just to have you here with me is THE-MOST-IMPORTANT-THING!

Watching-you and-hearing-you-breathe makes-me wanna-sing,

And – write a sonnet – or a bunch,

And take my Sweetie out to lunch,

And tell-you HOW – I’m “o’er-the-Moon,”

To hold your hand – I almost swoon!

Every time I see your eyes –

They-twinkle-with-Love and-it’s no surprise,


Is CRITICAL! So, I’ll persist,

And live each day – although-days-CAN-BE-SAD,

But-with-you-around –

IT AIN’T SO BAD!! 🙂 – Kisses!

fin <3