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“DUFFLING: Another Word, Made Up Or Re-invented By The Mystic Poet!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Greetings For A Special Guest!” November 2, 2018 – Freya’s Day Dedicated to: Bob Bell, famous Alpine Artiste!! 🙂

Well, ____(BOB BELL)____* – come “sit-a-spell,”

And tell me just how very well,

You’re doing – and-please! don’t-disagree,

With-the-prospect-of a-cup-o’ tea,

And, perhaps, a cake – or a-little truffle;

We’ll sit and chat – and – BE MOST DUFFLE!!

Because, I think, in-this World of Zoom,

Sometimes! we-need-to sit-and-sup-in-a-cozy-room,

And just relax – and enjoy a moment,

Amidst-the-confusion – of-The-World’s foment! 🙂 – Yea!

fin <3

* – Please insert any name you wish, OR – a generic term like: “My Friend” might also be appropriate.

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