Do you have any information about what happened to poor little two year old Safa Annour

ACT police sadly now believe innocent little Safa Annour, who only barely lived to see her 2nd birthday, was murdered. They are now appealing for public assistance into solving the mystery of her murder and hopefully bringing her killer or killers to justice.

ACT Policing have released CCTV footage of Safa Annour riding a bus on the day she died on April 30 in the hope that people with information on the case will come forward.

In the video, taken on Stuart Street Griffith, im Canberra’s South, Safa can be seen in the company of a woman and an older child as she exits the bus at 8.40am. Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said she “looks to be uninjured” as she “happily waves at the bus driver”.
What happened over the course of the next few hours is the subject of a police investigation. “[That footage is] our focal point … but certainly anyone who is aware of Safa, or her family or friends, we’d be interested in talking to them as well,” Detective Superintendent Moller said.

At 1:50pm that afternoon, the little toddler was taken to Canberra Hospital and died a short time later, after multiple attempts to resuscitate her failed.
She was suffering blunt force trauma and fatal internal bleeding.

We at FACAA would love to see justice for Safa as soon as possible.

“We’re trying to get any information from the public that may have witnessed any injury sustained to Safa. “We’d be calling for anybody that’s seen anything suspicious, and could help us with our investigation.”

Two people were responsible for Safa’s care at the time of her death and have been identified by police, who are exploring numerous lines of inquiry. Police said it did not appear Safa was known to Child and Youth Protection Services prior to her death.

It has been six months since Safa’s death, and no information was released to the public at the time. Police are now hoping to identify her killer with help from the public. Detective Superintendent Moller said delaying the release of information gave them time to pursue a number of leads before seeking the public’s help.

Please share her picture on your timelines, someone must know something about what happened to this innocent little angel. Poor little bub, no child should ever be harmed, or have their life taken before it’s barely begun.

Rest in Peace Safa, fly high innocent baby girl.
Our thoughts are with you and those who love you.
We at FACAA will fight to find out what happened to you and seek justice on your behalf.
We will add your name to the list of why we fight so hard. ❀

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