When Jane was 15 she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her math teacher Nicolaas Bester, now he is playing the victim and she can’t speak in her own defence

When Jane was 15 she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her math teacher Nicolaas Bester, now he is playing the victim and she can’t speak in her own defence #LetHerSpeak

Former private school teacher and convicted sex offender Bester, who groomed, molested and repeatedly sexually assaulted his student, has arrogantly claimed he is the real victim.

In 2011, Nicolaas Ockert Bester, was sentenced to two years and four months in jail for maintaining a sexual relationship with his 15-year-old maths student at Hobart’s prestigious St Michael’s Collegiate.

**Maintaining a sexual relationship, interesting terminology, isn’t it…. on this page, that is called rape… children cannot give consent, therefore no consent=rape.

In 2015, after being released from prison, Bester, the then 58-year-old, reoffended by making child exploitation material for which he was sentenced to an additional four months in jail. That same year, he wrote comments on social media about his “sexual relationship” with the teenage student, describing it as “awesome” and “enviable” — for another four months in jail.

But despite all this, Bester has arrogantly claimed he is the real victim, and the worst part is he is getting support. Sex therapist Bettina Arndt interviewed him for her website and let him prattle on about how hard done by he is ! She even asked him what HE had been through! She literally gave HIM, a convicted child sex offender, a voice and in the introduction to the video referred to Bester as a “so called child abuser” THERE’S NOTHING “SO CALLED” ABOUT IT BETTINA, HE WAS TRIED AND CONVICTED…. HE IS A CHILD SEX OFFENDER, DEFINITELY A CHILD ABUSER… END OF STORY !

If his social media commentary and Bettina Arndt excusing his behaviour wasn’t bad enough, Jane Doe (in case you haven’t guessed, that isn’t her real name) isn’t even allowed to speak up and defend herself !

Because of an antiquated and outdated Tasmanian law that prevents survivors of sexual assault from being named, she cannot tell her story in any way, shape or form. He, her abuser… can, but she can’t, this is just incredibly wrong !

The outdated law which only exists in Tasmania and the Northern Territory won’t allow sexual assault survivors to be identified under their real name, even with their full consent….. you heard that correctly, even if they are now adults and wish to speak out… they cannot!
Who is really being protected by this law? Certainly not survivors who wish to tell their story.

Bester groomed Jane Doe, he was her teacher, 40+ years older than her, in a position where he held all of the power. She was a vulnerable teenage girl, troubled and suffering from anorexia.
He took advantage of her mentally, physically, emotionally and in a situation where he held all the power, he now claims he is the real victim.

Until now, Bester has been able to speak, knowing “Jane Doe” has no power or legal right to defend herself.

In Tasmania, Section 194K of the Evidence Act means that the identity of a sexual assault survivor can never be revealed, even with the sexual assault survivor’s full cooperation and consent. It’s a cruel and barbaric law that effectively silences courageous survivors and protects their perpetrators.

Bester sexually abused “Jane Doe” at school, in his office, in a hotel room and even in a church and now after being convicted and serving prison time, he is telling a very different version of the “truth” and thanks to people like Bettina Arndt, giving his ridiculous version creedence, where he is infact the victim, he is being heard. Last night 60 minutes aired this story and even when reporter Allison Langdon, confronted the now 65-year-old Bester, the first time he’s ever been challenged on his version of events, he made no apologies for his behaviour.

“The truth of it is, you isolated and groomed a vulnerable young girl,” Langdon said as she confronted him outside a hardware store in Tasmania.

“No. Nothing of the kind,” he adamantly responded.

“You locked her in a closet.”

“Nothing of the kind,” he repeated
“.. and forced her to undress,” Langdon interrupted

When Langdon said: “All you’ve done is portray yourself as the victim. What about the real victim, Nicholas? Any thoughts to her?”

Bester hit back saying, “There’s that word again, victim. We’ll see who’s the victim.”

You see… Bester is the perfect example of a child abuser, he is arrogant, a narcissist concerned only with HIS wants, HIS feelings, how things affects HIM. He is the victim here, he lost his job, his family, his life, he went to prison…of course the fact that he is to blame for those things happening to him is something he will never accept. He truly believes he is the victim and that is why we at FACAA say they can never be rehabilitated… because the fact is they see themselves as the victim, they truly believe the world has done them wrong by arresting them and calling them a child abuser. If you refuse to admit your crime how can you ever be rehabilitated especially when you are deluded enough to believe that sexually abusing, raping a child 40+ years younger than you, when you hold all the power, is the childs fault. Unbelievable!

To say they are rehabilitated or that they are the victim is simply an outright lie. Yet still here we are, with the only real victim in this story still having no voice, she cannot speak out without risking imprisonment, yet Bester can go and be interviewed by those who excuse and explain away his paedophillic ways, and he can cry foul of the whole world, claim it was he who was hard done by, there is no justice !

We have to commend 60 minutes for their work in this story, as well as Camilla Cleese, Alyssa Milano and Tara Moss for championing “Jane Doe’s” cause and to End Rape On Campus for starting the Hashtag #LetHerSpeak to raise awareness for changing the outdated and antiquated law in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

To “Jane Doe” we say please never stop fighting and know all 117 thousand of the FACAA stand right behind you. You deserve to be able to defend yourself and to speak out about what was done to you… no one should be able to take your voice. Our voices are the best defence we, as survivors, have against predators.
Together, we will be heard

To Nicolaas Bester we say SHUT THE HELL UP ! YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE. Bester you ARE a child abuser and you are NOT the victim and Bettina why on earth would you give a CONVICTED child abuser a voice? How do you sleep at night, both of you ?

If you would like to see this antiquated law changed, please sign and share the petition below and #LetHerSpeak-


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