Shane Anderton cried as he was sentenced for raping a 15 year old girl, he got just 5 years because, amongst other reasons, he has a young family and leaving them would make prison difficult.

Shane Anderton cried as he was sentenced for raping a 15 year old girl, he got just 5 years because, amongst other reasons, he has a young family and leaving them would make prison difficult.

Anderton met the young girl at a suburban Perth train station, she had been drinking and was just 15 years old. He told her he was 26 and gained her trust by telling her he could get her some cigarettes.

She then got on a bus and he followed, he sat near her but they didn’t speak to each other. They got off at the same stop and walked to his friend’s apartment where she was given alcohol and some cannabis.

She later walked away under the influence of the substances and Anderton followed, taking the girl by the wrist….. he saw his opportunity and walked her to the bush area where he raped her.

The father-of-four, who has two young children with his current partner, stood trial in the West Australian District Court charged with three offences, but the jury only convicted him of one count of aggravated sexual penetration without consent. (Why doesn’t our legal system just call this rape ? Seriously, why is our system minimizing rape in such an horrendous way ?)

Judge Laurie Levy said that it should have been obvious to Anderton that the girl was affected by drugs and alcohol.

He said the girl resisted both physically and verbally, and Anderton had been indifferent about the girl’s age, although he had not displayed any predatory behaviour????
No predatory behaviour????
Really, it sounds incredibly predatory to us.

Judge Levy said general deterrence and the vulnerability of the victim were significant sentencing factors. She was clearly resisting, she said no and tried to fight him off but Anderton didn’t even slightly care.

Please no victim blaming….
We have seen the comments made about this article elsewhere and we will not allow those kind of excuses to be made for a child rapist on FACAA.
We are aware the girl was drinking underage…. but, that is not an excuse for rape !
Being impaired by alcohol and/or drugs means you are incapable of giving consent,
Being underage means you cannot give consent !
End of story, nothing excuses this kind of behaviour.

Judge Levy went on to say, “You did opportunistically take advantage of a young and clearly vulnerable person.”

Anderton covered his face with his hands and wept during the court proceedings… despite the tears, Judge Levy said Anderton, who has a 9 page criminal record and a history of substance abuse, had not showed contrition or remorse.

He said it would be inappropriate to suspend the sentence despite Anderton’s lawyers arguing for a wholly suspended sentence. They argued that because Anderton had not offended again since this offence, he should get a suspended sentence, let’s not go into the fact he has a 9 page criminal history….shall we… His foolish lawyers also argued that he was reformed…

Ahhhh sorry to break this to you gents, but child rapists cannot be reformed or rehabilitated ….and what incentive is there for them to even attempt to change when they haven’t served a day behind bars…

At this point I would like to ask the lawyers who defend these predators, how they sleep at night knowing they are attempting to release self-confessed child rapists, back onto the streets, without so much as a night behind bars.
Well done guys, awesome life choices …. I only hope that your children/grandchildren are never attacked by one of these monsters because I would truly hate for you to find out what it is to have a loved one attacked by one of these monsters you chose to defend.

Anderton must serve at least three years behind bars before he becomes eligible for parole.
Judge Levy took into account the fact that Anderton had 4 children, including 2 young children to his latest partner, and leaving them would make serving time in prison difficult.

Yeah sorry, I don’t think so…. every criminal has a family somewhere, and no prison sentence is easy, that’s sort of the point of doing time, you don’t want to be away from family and friends… no prisoner wants to do it… so therefore it acts as a deterrent…..

That’s a free lesson to all Judges who choose to use these ridiculous excuses for leniency…. brought to you from the good people at FACAA. 😊

Judges.. you may choose to reference this next time you’re hearing a child rapist cry about how hard it will be to go to prison. Never thought I’d have to explain the concept of a deterrent to a judge…..

So, in just 3 short years Shane Anderton can be released from prison, in 33 years his victim will still be living with the memories and trauma of what “he” did to her.

Hardly seems like justice, does it?

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