Mystic Poet 😂😁

“YOU CAN GET TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING!!” a.k.a.: “Suri, My Doggie-Cat!” November 28,2018 (Wednesday)
My friend SURI – came-a-knocking – – – knocking at The Door;

Yes, Miss Suri – – – she’s so pretty – and-she wants some more!

If-my-friend Suri – wanting-”LOTS,” don’t-GET-ENOUGH-right now,

She’ll-make-up-for-it-10-fold at-a-later-time – some-how!

Suri is my pretty pet – a doggie AND a cat;

She got a little birdie – and then she got a rat,


So next time Suri ate – it was – a-make-it-up-sort-o’-deal!*

Ya-next-time-she-ate-4 birds, the 1 plus one – and two,

And RATS! She ate a lot of them – and then she threw up “stew!”

You-know she could-a been content – with one bird and a rat,

For THAT, you see, is-a-balanced-meal – for-my-Suri – doggie-cat!

It is called PACING, Suri – (pause) you eat one meal and wait,

IF-you-skip-a-meal, you don’t eat two – the next meal you partake!

IT IS WITH LOVE!!!!! 5 hugs – 1 kiss – that is a pleasant meal;

If you-miss out, ‘cause-o’-flood-or-drought, you do not later steal,

10 hugs-with-lots-of-kisses – for – to make it up,

‘Cause 10 hugs, it is way too much – (‘cause-Suri’s-a-little-pup!)

Even for a strong-ish pup, 10 hugs is quite a lot,

And IF to make the kisses up – a hundred kisses are-sought,

Your lips can get quite chappED! and THEN – it’s not-(a)-good time;

It’s KINDA-LIKE-MY-POETRY (and advice!) –

You-can-only-take so-much rhyme!

fin ❤

* – to make up for what she did not get earlier!!


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