Texas Cowboy

“DAMAGED!” a poem November 17, 2018 – Saturday!

Everyone’s hurt!

Everyone’s afraid!

Everyone’s lonely –

We’ve all been made!

No, no – not made like that

We’ve just BEEN FOOLED – I smell a rat:

I SENSE – that something’s watching me –

And laughing! quite maliciously!

But, WAIT! It’s me! I’m just a watchin’!

My next move! and – “Am I botchin’

Another thing? That-I-seem-to-try?

Yea! I’m afraid – and wonder WHY,

I’m writing poems – or even breathing –

I am stone cold – and, yet, I’m seething,

With fond emotion – and lust and pride!

I AM just human – trying-to-hide!

I AM DIVINE – and all inclusive;

And YET – I’m human – and so elusive!

Yes, I am hurt – and so afraid –

And I SENSE I’m lonely –

Will I fade?



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