Mystic Poet

“THE INJURED LIMB!” a poem a.k.a.: “Transcending Todd’s BIG Poetic BREAK!” November 27th (2018) – TWOs – Day (can also be “snooze-day!!) Dedicated: to TODD, who is presently – being “gentle” with his “El Rod!”

“Oh, My God – Oh, My Lord! My hand! It’s-injured-and-hurt!”

This was said – one-cold-November-day – this-thing did Todd assert!

“Well, good Todd – Just STRAIGHTEN-IT-OUT!” – was the sweet reply!

“But IT HURTS, my LORD! It hurts! (pause) Where’s-your healing-supply?”

“OH! All-right!” did say-eth The Lord, and He-cracked his gentle knuckles,

And BINGO! There! THE INJURY’S GONE!!! & Todd, he even chuckles!

“Wow! That’s-really-NIFTY!”-said-Todd, (pause) cracking his-knuckles too;

I NEVER enjoyed such cracking! As-much-as-I-do-WITH-YOU!”

And then Lord Jesus, he did say, as-he drove-a out-ta sight,

“DO NADA WORK TOO HARD, My Todd! &-remember-tomorrow-night!

It is THE CELEBRATION! of-Blue-Karaoke-Time,

And J-Jay (Samuel-Davis) – needs-your-baritone – for a rhyme!

Y’all-COULD-sing Elton-Johnnie’s “Don’t-Let-it – blank – ON ME!”

He could be: the poor, dead GEORGE* – and YOU! You hold The Key,

To-a perfect ren-ren-dition – when ELTON, you can sing,

And now, good Todd – Please clap your hands –

For-PURE-MAGIC THIS DOTH BRING!” 🙂 – No setting sun for these sons!

fin ❤

* – George Michael, R. I. P. Le sigh!


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