Mystic Poet

“FEARLESS LAUGHTER!” a poem November 26, 2018 (Monday)
Now, then, eat-only – ONCE A DAY!!! or – stand upon one leg,

Until you maybe will pass-out!!! (pause)

Are-you get-ting-”a-tag,”

By joining some religion – OF COURSE! IT’S THE BEST ONE!!!

AND – IF-you-use-colloidal-silver – you-WILL-have-much-more-fun!

All-you-require: “Take 2 o’ these!!” They-are a-little-bit pricey,


I’m “throwing-these-good-dice,” see?

I just need a cure – (pause) and, I really-NEED to “complete,”

The rightful, best-e-regimen -Then-tranquility-I’ll-meet,

But, Friends – WE’RE “ONLY” HUMAN – and-this-for – “The Long Haul (?)

You might be better off, IF-you – simply-(don’t) make one-more-call!!

Will the-TURN-AROUND-be-comin’-soon?

We’re ALWAYS expecting – it!

Golly-you’re only human! There is no “perfect fit(?),


You fin-a-lly-accept – that-PERFECTION IS INHERENT;

In all that you will ever do – it’s perfectly apparent!

Just keep at it, My Fine-Feathered-Friends – You ALL have got it made,

CULTIVATE – a little love – and then you will get paid,

So-you-can-share-your-”spoils”-with a friend –


CULTIVATE SOME LOVE – and – Keep-it-up, (pause)

Laughing, fearlessly!

fin ❤

* – – Super vitamins are still man-made commodities – and the body’s reaction to such concentrated amounts of vitamins and/or minerals – can be drastic! Sure, they MAY be more natural than Wellbutrin or Xanax – but, assuming you find they seem to work for you, you better insure you have a continual supply for the rest of your “vitamized life,” less you suffer a withdrawal response because you are no longer “pumping” your body – with TRUE HOPE – or whatever other supplement promises you “great results” WITHOUT the promise of a forever supply! or – a UNIFORM set of nutritional ingredients. Yes, we are ALL – SO dependent on so many things – AND – you need to use what you think will help! BUT – just know, in your quest for “wellness,” that, once you start down a particular therapeutic path, it may be very difficult to turn back, if circumstances require it for some reason! 🙂 – Amen!


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