Mystic Poet

“INTERNATIONAL THANKSGIVING VACATIONS 2018!” a poem a.k.a.: “Sexy Global Travels!” Monday (a.k.a.: “Today, School Started, After The Week-Long Thanksgiving Holiday!”) November 26, 2018

Our Thanksgiving Holidays are now-truly-over; we went on extended vacation!

So, we’re-back-in-school, but the-trips-were-cool – yes, some of us left the nation:

My Chinese friend Poo Chu-he-went – all-the-way-to-The-”Nether”-Lands;

With-his-girl-Boo Ku; they were-in-Ghana (pause) and-also went to CANNES!

Francis, she-”ended”-up – in-a-NICE-place, somewhere out in France;

She traveled there – with Dickie – They’re sticky-and-they-love to “dance!”

“We also traveled to ANUS! It’s not very far from PUSSY!”

“Yes,” said Dick; “you-can-extend-the ride – for you don’t wanna be no wussy!”

Hardin & Gaye were in BangKok; they had a glorious trip;

He-was-born-in-BEAVERLICK, Kentucky, but in Thailand, they let it rip!

Dawn and Darius went to England – to visit COCKS-and-The-Queen!

“We DID sleep late,” said Dawn; “yet Dary – he-was real keen,

For he wanted to go* to NOMAN’S LAND (in Cornwall) and, also, NASTY,

Was high-on-the-list of places to go! It REALLY was – quite tasty!”

The PeePee Family went to Bavaria, to experience a little PETTING,

And Rand and Sonja-also-visited England; PRICKEND saw some “wetting!”

“Well, where-did-YOU-go?”* my-friends-wanted-to-know?

“I-traveled-far (pause) with James-T.-Kirkie!

We went to SEXMOAN, in The Phillipines – AND –

We-also enjoyed some-Turkey! 🙂 – The fowl World has a fish-y smell!!**

fin. ❤

    • or – where did you cum from?

** – After all, it is some people’s oyster!


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