Texas Cowboy

TWO POEMS OF ETERNITY: [Monday: November 26, 2018, also ~ 2 A. M.]

“PREPARATION FOR SOME ETERNITY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Insane Times Two!”

Take my hand, and up this hill – – – We two will go! Oh, what a thrill,

And any that might follow too, we welcome them to cum!

I welcome TOO – this change in YOU; it REALLY does NOT make me blue,

We’re headed for eternity! Are we prepared for some?

We are insane in perfect ways; TRUE LOVE MUST PUT US IN A DAZE –

“Insane times two” is quite a ride! Yet! We’re-not drinking rum!*

Yet with-love-in-me – I can-NOT-see – that what-you-do’s insanity!

And, SO! Don’t ask! I can NOT judge – My reasoning is numb!

fin ❤

* – are we?

“JOURNEY TO ETERNITY!” a poem a.k.a.: “(S)he Said; (S)he Said!” a.k.a.: “The Love Effect!”

“There’s something BLOODY WRONG with me!” “You’re PERFECT, through and through!”

“I’m tired; why-such sleep-cy-cles?” “I’m-not good-enough-FOR-YOU!”

“My-emotions- have-never done-these-things!” “I love your fretting too!”

“I can not get-you out (of) my head!” “I’m CRAZY! It’s so true!”

When love connections manifest, Impulses vs. Reason,

Who-knows-the-effect-that-Love-will-have – We’re animals! in season!

Our chemicals must saturate – all tissues of our being,

So, who knows just what might result! With “open eyes” we’re seeing?

Now, animals, devoid of reason, simply act so drunk,

But they will never analyze, (and) call-”erratic”-behavior: “FUNK,”

Since they-can’t* gauge THE LOVE EFFECT, what chemicals have wrought,

No wonder they’re called “wild beasts,” engaging-in-what-they**-got!

And what they got, when-applied-to-US, is hard for us to use,

‘Cause we are so “conditioned,” (pause) to-be-”good,” and AVOID THE BOOZE!

For “boozing” dulls the et-i-quette, that we are s-posed to show:

WHEN REASON GOES – THE FALL OF MAN? and babies start to grow!


For DAMN! My crazy comes right out – when your love I am “snorting!”

Your mess, plus mine – is QUITE A MESS, but, hopefully, we’ll-balance!

Perhaps our “baggage” seems absurd, but-it-may-bring-out NEW TALENTS!

And – COMBINED? Who-knows? We just might function, in-a “bi-la-t’ral- condition,”

JUST FINE! Despite some critics (pause) of-our-crazed-romantic-mission! 🙂

fin ❤

* – or won’t!

** – or we! Yes we will 😁😉😂


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