Mystic Poet

“SILLY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Angel Feathers!” Sunday: Nov. 25, 2018!

When you’ve FINALLY learned to levitate! Who-do-you-think-you’ll-show?

NO ONE! (pause)

UNLESS!-they-believe-in-IT! (pause)


&-When you’ve FINALLY – got-a-talking-toad, who-can recite Geoffrey-Chaucer,

No one’s gonna hear him, when you put him on a saucer,

And-give-him-a-cane-and-a-top-hat, for your toad won’t talk to those,

Who poo-poo all his vocal talent! – who thumb him – with their nose!

AND ALIENS WON’T COME TO YOU – even-IF – you meditate,

They’ll only come IF YOU’RE NOT SCARED! &-look-forward-to-the-date,

They give you – and – the place and time,

‘Cause-they-DON’T-wanna-scare-you; in-space-that’s-a-crime!

You see, it’s simple: IF-you-have a little belief,

You-really-CAN-move mountains!! Move ‘em like a leaf,

That gently wafts into the air,

And settles-in-Heaven – in The Judgment Chair,

And-when-”GOD”-is-back from eating-her-dinner,

She’ll say: “Look! A LEAF!! Was-it-sent-by-a-”sinner?”

“Oh, NO!” I might say; “It would NEVER-make-it-here,

Unless – Someone-of-Faith – tossed-it, my Dear!”

So, next time – a feather, of unusual sort,

Comes twirling past you – or past your consort,

And-She-says: “Look-Sweetie, an-angel – has-come-by-to-spy,


You-can-say: “My, Oh My!” 🙂 – Angels are among us!!

fin ❤


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