Texas Cowboy

“YOU NEVER KNOW!” a poem Sunday: Nov. 25, 2018 – written at ~ 2:00 A. M.

I LOVE YOU SO-MUCH (for goodness’ sake),


You never KNOW, from night-to-night,

If-you’ll-wake-up-THIS-time! It-can-be a fright,

For – IF you don’t – WAKE UP AGAIN,

In-this-dream place – what’ll happen then?

Will these dream characters – your relatives – and your-wife,

Evaporate? – when-you-wake – in your new life?

You might leave one dream – then – does IT disappear,

While you’re in another? Seems-SILLY-to shed-a-tear!

It’s just all about – The Fascinating “MYSTERY OF LIFE,”

But – I love you (I do),

My beautiful wife!

Can you pull someone – out of Dream 1 – to Dream 2?

And, if-you-can – will the characters in the first dream – remember you?

And – will folks remember – the passenger who,

With-you-has-left – Will “they” notice – that-you-both flew?

Or – will they-have-amnesia – so they won’t grieve,

About their loved ONES? – the ones “on leave?”

And – can-you-return from Dream 2 – back-to-HERE?

Well, these-are-quite-the-questions, I’m planting “in-your-ear!!”

Anyway! I DO speculate – that the-answer to all,

Is: “IT’S POSSIBLE,” because – I have the gall,

To imagine – that – IF-you-can-imagine-something-CAN-be,

It-means: It’s possible (or probable) but-we’ll-have-to-wait-&-see!

But, right now it’s bedtime – and I’m closing my eyes,

To wonder of possibilities! of-not-waking – when-”the-soul-man”-flies!

fin ❤


First Nations People

Noel Pearson urges Shorten to prioritise Indigenous recognition over Republic

J.Jay Samuel Davis

“THEY’VE BEEN HERE FOREVER!” a poem a.k.a.: “No, They Haven’t!” in the series: “Someone’s Playing You & Yes, It IS You!” Nov. 20, 2018 – Tuesday
When I was throw-ED from the womb- and plopped-down on The Sheet,

I didn’t-know-where-I-was – or-if-there-was-A-”PLACE”-TO-EAT!!

My vision blurred! My senses weak! but – THEN! Your breasts appear! –

And I assumed, THEY-WERE-THERE-BEFORE!! and-that-[you-are-my-dear!]*

When I did move – to ope’ my eyes,


A crib! I’m in – with sheets and light –

And I PRESUMED, with all my “sight,”

That everyone was here before,

And I-am opening – some-prior-door,

To discover – ALL-that’s-waiting-for-me,

“They”-didn’t-JUST-APPEAR!? Well, we shall see!

Now, THE-ASSUMPTION-is: They’ve always been around!

And there’s more-and-more (stuff) to see, that-I’ve-”FOUND!”

THESE PEOPLE! Yes, they did await,

My ENTRANCE – to this Worldly Gate!?

When I popped in – did-they-sign-for-my-birth?

They HAD – nurses’ stations – all-over-The-Earth!!?

Did planes and governments abound BEFORE-(pause) ME?

Sure! They-were-PREPARING – for Little Ol’ J.-D.**


YOU conjured them up – right up through the floor,

And – in-to-your-conscious-awareness NOW!

So! They’re-all dependent on YOU – somehow!


All this STUFF? and-ALL-these people: DEMENTED!

And they could all vanish, IF you snap your fingers!

NOW! Wouldn’t-that-be-something?

Megalo-mania lingers!! 🙂 – Theme Music: “2001, A Space Odyssey!”

fin ❤


* – alternative phrase: [I’ve-naught-to-fear!]

** – J (initial only) Samuel Davis

A thought for today 😉

When an inferiority complex is in full effect, it may impact the performance of an individual as well as impact an individual’s. Unconscious psychological and emotional processes can disrupt students’ cognitive learning, and negatively “charged” feeling-toned memory associations can derail the learning process.

Texas Cowboy

TWO POEMS OF ETERNITY: [Monday: November 26, 2018, also ~ 2 A. M.]

“PREPARATION FOR SOME ETERNITY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Insane Times Two!”

Take my hand, and up this hill – – – We two will go! Oh, what a thrill,

And any that might follow too, we welcome them to cum!

I welcome TOO – this change in YOU; it REALLY does NOT make me blue,

We’re headed for eternity! Are we prepared for some?

We are insane in perfect ways; TRUE LOVE MUST PUT US IN A DAZE –

“Insane times two” is quite a ride! Yet! We’re-not drinking rum!*

Yet with-love-in-me – I can-NOT-see – that what-you-do’s insanity!

And, SO! Don’t ask! I can NOT judge – My reasoning is numb!

fin ❤

* – are we?

“JOURNEY TO ETERNITY!” a poem a.k.a.: “(S)he Said; (S)he Said!” a.k.a.: “The Love Effect!”

“There’s something BLOODY WRONG with me!” “You’re PERFECT, through and through!”

“I’m tired; why-such sleep-cy-cles?” “I’m-not good-enough-FOR-YOU!”

“My-emotions- have-never done-these-things!” “I love your fretting too!”

“I can not get-you out (of) my head!” “I’m CRAZY! It’s so true!”

When love connections manifest, Impulses vs. Reason,

Who-knows-the-effect-that-Love-will-have – We’re animals! in season!

Our chemicals must saturate – all tissues of our being,

So, who knows just what might result! With “open eyes” we’re seeing?

Now, animals, devoid of reason, simply act so drunk,

But they will never analyze, (and) call-”erratic”-behavior: “FUNK,”

Since they-can’t* gauge THE LOVE EFFECT, what chemicals have wrought,

No wonder they’re called “wild beasts,” engaging-in-what-they**-got!

And what they got, when-applied-to-US, is hard for us to use,

‘Cause we are so “conditioned,” (pause) to-be-”good,” and AVOID THE BOOZE!

For “boozing” dulls the et-i-quette, that we are s-posed to show:

WHEN REASON GOES – THE FALL OF MAN? and babies start to grow!


For DAMN! My crazy comes right out – when your love I am “snorting!”

Your mess, plus mine – is QUITE A MESS, but, hopefully, we’ll-balance!

Perhaps our “baggage” seems absurd, but-it-may-bring-out NEW TALENTS!

And – COMBINED? Who-knows? We just might function, in-a “bi-la-t’ral- condition,”

JUST FINE! Despite some critics (pause) of-our-crazed-romantic-mission! 🙂

fin ❤

* – or won’t!

** – or we! Yes we will 😁😉😂

Texas Cowboy

“REMISSION!” a poem, dedicated to: Rachel Taylor, singer/songwriter extraordinaire! a.k.a.: “One Heart!” 11/26/18 – Monday

It’s a roller-coaster-ride, this game of life;

It’ll rock ya – and “real” ya, but, in-the morning light,

When you finally-reach (pause) The Break of Day,

And-you’re-groggy – and dreamy, I-hope you’ll say:

“I can do another! Just gotta-‘wake-up,’

I-know-I’m-in-remission!” [Ask-your-coffee-cup]

“Is it worth-the-effort – to keep on going!”

“Yes!-you’re-rich-and-dark (pause) and-seeds,* we’re-sowing,

And-we’ll-inspire – The-World – to-make the FLIP,

And, it’s true – each-one-of-us – may-be-just-a-blip,

On The Screen of Life, that seems so immense,

But each-blip-can-inspire – other blips off The Fence,

Of despair and lethargic – machination,

LOVE is contagious! And each generation,

Fights-for-its-life – to offer (all) the-rest

A chance to shine, despite any test!

So, I’m hanging on – with Rachel in the seat,

Of this roller coaster! She’s next to me,

And, together-we-can-turn – this bloody-life-around,

And discover One Heart! – where remission is found! 🙂

fin ❤



* – coffee (and otherwise!)

Fake News 👅👅 Issy Paris News Reporter & Porn Actress🙄😯

This is for the USA, but I thought you might want to know:

There are 61,000 sealed indictments at the Department of Justice Prepared by Sessions and Huber this past year. They are ready to be unleashed and thousands of people will be arrested, probably in a 24 hour period by military police and special forces of the Marines and Army. Many politicians, company executives and Hollywood and media types will be arrested. They will be taken to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba or Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to face military tribunals under UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). Many people on the left will revolt against these actions by our President and there could be riots, revolt, retaliation against our government, leading to possible civil disobedience and civil war, as our government take over all mainstream media. Communications may be down or sabotaged, food supply and utilities like the Internet may be down. There will be presidential emergency alert system messages to your cell phone announcing the national emergency or marshall law, like on October 3 2018, but this time it will not be a test. Please be prepared for your safety. Most civil unrest, if any, will be in large metropolitans areas like where you live. Please prepare to be safe with extra food, drinking water, batteries, cash, passports and ID’s for you and your family.

This may happen as soon as tomorrow or sometime before January 2019, but it is coming.

Please heed this message and be prepared.

May God help the USA and Australia

Make your way to Australia immediately..

Lots of room for Mr Trump to in Camberra 😂😃😄😅😆

Just another Prime Minster for the Liberal Party….

😀 only in Ausralia do they know hold a world record of installing a new Prime Minster every 6 months, welcome Mr Trump to our Parliament the funny farm 😀😁😂😃😄😅😆

Funny 🐛🐝

Stress relief

Doctor : What do you do when you feel stressed?
Patient: I go to the temple…
Doctor : Good…and u pray there ?
Patient : No… I mix-up all shoes kept outside and watch people more stressed than me….. and my stress goes away😂😂

We all remember the horrific attack recently on an innocent little 7-year-old girl who was allegedly choked and sexually assaulted at knifepoint, in the toilets of a dance studio in Sydney’s south, it has now been alleged in court documents that her naked attacker also filmed the 15-minute attack.

“My number one priority is making sure that Sampieri dies in jail,” – NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller
FACAA will hold you to that Mr Fuller.

We all remember the horrific attack recently on an innocent little 7 year old girl who was allegedly choked and sexually assaulted at knifepoint, in the toilets of a dance studio in Sydney’s south, it has now been alleged in court documents that her naked attacker also filmed the 15-minute attack.

What a disgusting assault on an innocent child who was going about her after school activities, just like any number of children do in our country on a daily basis.

This attack hits home hard because it could have been anyone of our children, brothers, sisters or cousins. This child could have been a member of any of our families, and she should have been safe to go to the toilets without being choked, kidnapped and raped, while the filthy predator allegedly filmed it for his later enjoyment.

Anthony Sampieri appeared on screen at Waverley Local Court today, wearing prison greens and sporting two black eyes, presumably parting gifts from the little girls brave rescuers.

He was charged with sexual intercourse with a child under 10, choking a person with intent to commit an indictable offence, aggravated kidnapping, using a child under 14 to make child abuse material, aggravated indecent assault, attempting or assaulting with intent to have sexual intercourse with a child under 10, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and two counts each of wounding with intent and filming an aggravated act of indecency.

All of this allegedly done to a terrified 7 year old girl and the men who came to her rescue.

Barrister Ken Buckman did not apply for bail on behalf of Sampieri, 54, bail was however formally refused by magistrate Lisa Stapleton.

Yesterday, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said it would be his personal goal to ensure that Mr Sampieri spends the rest of his life behind bars.

“My number one priority is making sure that Sampieri dies in jail,” Mr Fuller said.

“I will make sure that the investigation, that all of the evidence that goes before the court, sees him never back on our streets again.”

We at the FACAA will be watching this case closely Mr Fuller and while we have no doubt that you are a man of your word, you can surely understand our cynicism. Sadly we have heard similar promises before and yet somehow these perverted offenders never seem to receive a sentence half as adequate as they deserve.

However, this time we hope you do as you say and make sure no one is ever the next victim of Sampieri.

Police Commissioner Fuller’s comments came after a superintendent from the St George area was stood down in relation to incidents linked to Sampieri. It is believed the superintendent was stood down over allegations Sampieri committed crimes, involving making phone calls to women, that should have seen his parole pulled. If it had been, Sampieri would not have been on the streets to commit the horrendous crimes against the little girl and her rescuers !

What happened to the little girl is nothing short of monstrous, to hear that it was allegedly filmed makes it even worse because now we have to ask the question, was her attacker live streaming the violent attack to some site on the darkweb. We can only hope he was caught before anyone saw the disgusting footage.

Sampieri will remain behind bars until his next court appearance which will be at Sutherland Local Court, via videolink on January 23rd 2019.

This poor little girl has endured too much already, our legal system needs to step in and ensure she never again has to face her attacker on the streets !

Commissioner Fuller has stated his priority is to make sure that Sampieri dies in jail, lets hope our courts are listening and they make it their priority too…. He must never have the opportunity to rape again.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #AnthonySampieri #ChildABuser #Kogarah #PoliceCommissioner #NSW #NSWPOL #NSWPolice #ParoleBoard #OnParole #NotCharged #Why #GuardiansOfTheinnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForThehopeless #ChildrensChampions #NeverGonnaStop #WeWIlLFight #StandUP #DoSomething #FightBack #ENdingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #ChangingLives #HealingSurviovors #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

Texas America

Only in Australia🦂🕷

Hooroos are as mad as a march hare and a million times more dangerous. When someone shouts: ‘Hooroo’, you know it’s time to leave.
Our MINI MYTHIC MANUAL has 100 more of these Aussie Mythics for you to discover. Check it out at: https://mythicaustralia.com/mini-mythics/

Only in Australia the Wild West 🍔🌵

Argument over pub meal ends in gunfight, police say

Australia Aboriginal

Bonita Mabo dies days after human rights accolade

Watch “Leather And Lace – Stevie Nicks and Don Henley” on YouTube. Letter to my husband ❤

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The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.Matt Mullenweg, 2017

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