Mystic Poet

“7 ARTICLE 15s!”* a poem Saturday Nov. 24, 2018!

Preamble: “The Song of The Fretter!” I don’t work well with others, but I get lonely pretty fast] – And – I don’t like molds – and-I-also don’t-mind – breakin’-the-friggin’-cast!] And – my memory – well, it’s like a trap], and, no, Pretty-Baby! I don’t need your map!] For-I – can always figure – where I need to go!] I KNOW – that-I-am-always right – I like to strut! Hey-bro!] An’-I like to read! and-get-caught-up – (pause) in – my-own fan-tas-y!] Leave-me-alone! unless-I-NEED-you!! – need your sympathy!] BUT! I’m a sweet – and kind – ‘n’-a charming-guy!!] So-it’s-strange! That-more-people-aren’t-HERE! Don’t ask me WHY!!!] Just get to know me, get to-KNOW-me a little better!] EXCEPT – I like to be a lone® – and sometimes – I can also be a fretter! 🙂 – Sounds familiar!

When he got DRAFTED, Jimmy KNEW – he might be in some trouble,

And, sure enough, The Army Boys – kept tryin’ to burst his bubble!

Anyway! – Good-Ol’-Jimmy, he did refuse – to strictly heed their warnings,

And many a day – came and went – Afternoons – and Mornings!

Jimmy peeled onions – and he ate pork and beans!

After a few years! He’d been “served” (pause) SEVEN! Article 15s!

Yes! Yes! Good Friends, some folks got massive authority issues,

And, in The Army, that’ll mean – you’ll wash – a lot – of dish(u)es!

So, Catholic Jim – was quite unsure – of how he would proceed,

When Jesus came a second time! – and-Jimmy-said: “Who’s gonna lead?”

“Well, I dunno!” said Jesus; “You’re NOT a guy who’ll FOLLOW that,

So – WHY DON’T YOU LEAD! We’ll follow YOU! You know-a where it’s at!”

So Jimmy led – everyone around! They fell into – many holes,

Which, eventually, sent them all to Hell – fire! and-a-lot-o’-coals!

And EV’RYONE FOLLOWED JIMMY – It was a journey, always on the go,

‘Cause Jimmy couldn’t STAY STILL MUCH – BUT! He was NOT a pro,

WITH LEADING – Other folks around!

So, Jimmy went to Jesus (pause) and THERE He found,

A bit of advice – about GOOD LEADERSHIP:


YOU GOTTA LEARN – TO BE A GOOD FOLLOWER, and IF you become that,

A PRETTY GOOD LEADER you’ve become – Otherwise, you-can-be-a-brat,

And never be mindful of your followers’ needs,

For, selfish-and-unilateral-leading – oft contention breeds! 🙂 – Follow me!!!

fin ❤

    • In the military, An “Article 15″ is the way The Base Commander(?) can give you non-judicial (NOT a Court Martial) punishment; you have to accept the situation and sign a paper, agreeing to whatever punishment is considered appropriate!


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