Mystic Poet

“POO-P[OO]-RAYER!” a poem Saturday (11/24/18) dedicated: to David Helfgott

It’s (generally) impractical – and (largely) unpredictable!

You LOVE IT – maybe-the-most – and IT’S JUST – so IMPOSSIBLE,

To live with it very much, BUT! when-you-do, you like to cuddle,

BUT it’s kinda-hard-to-gauge-how-close-you-can-sit-to-it, ‘fore-you go-into-a- MUDDLE!

IT’s Michael Jackson! (pause) ONLY – you-know: “Super Nice!”

It’s your favorite song – but with-even more-spice!

It’s your POO-POO Part! Yea, you-know – THAT – PART!

In-an-elevator (pause)


And declare: “I LOVE YOU A L L – SO VERY MUCH!”

To a bunch of strangers – who will flee from its touch,

And respond, but – they will NOT respond in kind,

They’ll point-at-YOU-saying: “You’re-outta-your-mind!”

Which is really so true, for it’s not-(much)-related to-Your-Head!

Ex: “I can’t get ya outta-my-head, Honey!” some girls have said;

Exactly! It’s NOT up there – It’s in YOUR HEART, right here!

IT’s ETERNAL pu-er* – and-convinced-THE-DIVINE – to break-into-a-pair,


And, with it, SOMETHING-CALLED-LOVE – it brings –

So! IF you find it, hiding, beneath your bed,

Say: “Oh, HOPE! – Or – The-Mystery! Or – YOU!-(The-ONE)-NOT-in-my-head,

I’ve prepared a-place-in-my-Heart – yea, just-a PERFECT place for you –

For: Little Poo-p[oo]-rayer – and –

I LOVE YOU – TOO! 🙂 – Special!

fin ❤

    • pronounced: POO – AIR!!


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