Mystic Poet 🕊

“THE ONLY ANSWER!” a poem a.k.a.: “O. M. G.! We’re in BIG TROUBLE Now?!!?!!!” Friday: November 23, 2018

The aliens are ALMOST HERE!

The government, you better fear!

Dooms-Day’s-approaching! – Stock your home,

With supplies! AND – say The Ohm!*


As Social Networks – help us think?!!!!!!!

We-are all-huddled – IN OUR CAR,

Expecting – ANOTHER – Killer Star,

To bash the planet – and kill us all –

I better make a needed call,

To The-Hospital – the see The-Doc;

‘Cause-my-nerves-are-shot! our troops? amok!


Even so,

Here’s something – that – perhaps-I-know:

That LOVE’S THE ANSWER!! – and it doth be,

The Answer Always, just wait and see!

It seems absurd, BUT IF you will,

Just al-low LOVE, that it will fill,

That place in you where fears reside,

And cast it out! Then you won’t hide!

You’ll stride out there and face the day,

AND – you MIGHT note: “You-know-That-J? –

He is a kook – AND THINGS APPEAR,

To be so crazy, but, I’ve no tear,

To waste-upon The World’s woe,

For FEAR, it is my only foe!


PURE LOVE – has-put-IT***

ON THE SHELF! 🙂 – Whoopee-doo!

fin ❤

* – seed syllable of many “eastern religions!” Considered the optimal, vibration-al sound and frequency! 🙂 – Oooooooohhhhmmmmmmm!!

** – famous quotation by American president F. D. Roosevelt, who, prior to entering into World War II (because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor) said just that! 🙂 – Whoa!

*** – fear, that is!


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