Mystic Poet💙

“LOVE, THE STEADFAST BRANCH!” a poem, “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing!” [November 23rd on Freya’s Day: (1) a song + (2) a poem]


TRU-u-u-u-u-ST! Is a many splendored thing –

He-wants-TRUST; she-wants-TRUST &-this-trust, I-am-sure – it will sure-ly bring,

A-fine se-en-se (pause) of (pause) de-pen-den- SEE,

To make your eyes – grow DIM!

OH! Trust! Trust! Don-Trump! – Let’s-trust – i-i-n – him!?!?!

TRUST! What the T-V – – sets – will-say,

For they LOVE – that – concept-of-TRUST – they-ey-LOVE IT, the-live-long day –

Yes, THEY TRUST for you – to buy the things,

That many ads por-tray!

As (VERY) nee-ee-ded! Let’s – trust (pause) oh, trust – a-a-away!

TRUST! – that-the-needs-of o-others – are,

More impor-tant than your personal-ones! Yes, mu-u-uch more, by far?!

Trust that you have not – enough good sense – to make a decent choice!!

So tru-u- ust – another! with – – – yo-our – “voice!!”


“JOURNEY TO TRUST!” a poem a.k.a.: “The 1st Commandment!”

“I trust you – too – oo – always (pause) TRUST – ALWAYS! trust! in me-e-e –

I can care – and share – and take you (pause) where – you -ou -AUGHT-to be;

Let your mind – just wander off – & sleep! with-this – LIL – Y!*

&-please-do TRUST, THAT-you-are-in (pause) the-BESTest? – – CoM – pAnY!”

The only trust – that YOU should trust, is trusting – yes, IN YOU!

Any other form of trust – is-a-journey you-shouldn’t-do!

Just KNOW – that “YOUR BEST INTEREST,” is something YOU must gauge;

So don’t-allow – some-other-”bloke” to turn YOUR “book’s” next page!

You’re THE BOOK – AND-The-best-page-turner;

YOU-must stay-OFF! of- that “back-burner!”

Or-you’ll-get-overlooked! – AND – You’ll-also (oft’) get burned!

TRUST in YOU – It’s what I’ve learned:


And-although-OTHERS’-”place” may be quite large,


But – YOU’VE-GOT – THE-FINAL – ”SENIORITY!” 🙂 – kapeesh?

fin ❤

* -The LILY is the flower most commonly associated with funeral services!!!


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