Mystic Poet

“WREX!” a poem. Monday – November 19, 2018
We’re just 2 wrecks, in The Middle of The Sea!

There is: WRECK YOU – also – there-is: WRECK ME!

We’re wrecks!* unsalvageable! and pitiful too,

So – WE FALL INTO EACH OTHER – that’s-what-wrecks try-to-do!

I’m-a wreck; you’re-a wreck – and-we-can never get along,

Without – some other wrecks around! Wrecks – to be – a-mong!

2 WRECKS! Hugging! (in The Middle) at The Bottom – of The Sea –

WE DON’T CARE – if we’re so “wrecky!” WRECKS then, WE WILL BE!!

I am REX – and YOU! REX! Kings of our fine life,

Rulers of The Universe! Hus-e-band – and-wife,

Ruling, as the wrecks we are – REX, The King of ALL –

And Regina, ruling – with her Rex – Genders are a ball!

Word Games, ever simple – de-scribe-this re-al-ty:

This gorgeous, bewildered – place of ours – Our Kingdom IN The Sea,

With “wrecky”-symphonic music, lifting-us from some Watery Floor,

REX is wrecks, and WRECKS R US – now! – for-ever-more!

“Good morning, there now, Mrs. Rex – I-AM – your Wrecky-poo!”

“Kiss-me, you wreck – I can’t get enough!”

This-is-just-what-wrecks-will-do! 🙂 – Yup!

fin ❤

    • like everyone else! {even if they won’t admit it!!}


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