Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My dear family just now it is to walk with me on a loving journey, not judging your own and going over and over your past. This will make you stumble and place yourself in judgement. To love others with a lack of understanding as that which I just gave you will weaken your faith in me. For if someone is to fall down in the many ways one can, only I can bring you back to full love. So help yourself and others but have faith that I will do justice to all. If they fall down but continue to lack my living energy they will fall again until they put the world behind them and my life giving love first.This new journey you are now on is most important and your heart will be the spirit motivated to your future. If you do not change from the years that have past you will repeat most of your mistakes again. I witness much progress with some and I feel your love growing each day. Some of you I hear your words spoken and much goodwill is in them, but unless the heart and soul are involved you are like sounding brass with out the music. I speak out at this time for your time on earth is very much being effected at this time. My love for you is unending as is my forgiveness but if both is rejected you will no longer be a part of the Father and the results will follow. Remember your head is the servant of the the heart and those found truthful will rejoice on our journey.

Thank you Jesus, I ask you keep us strong and value that which keeps us safe and together


❤ Luke Le Bree

Happy Thank Giving Day America From Australia 🇦🇺


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